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There would be many all-round benefits if Pakistan were to normalize its relations with Israel.

By Dr. Ofer Israeli | February 2021


If Pakistan would normalize its relations with Israel, not only Islamabad but Jerusalem too would enjoy great benefits and it would be much beyond what they can imagine at present.

Historically, both states almost simultaneously received their independence from the United Kingdom and appeared on the world scene at the end of the Second World War. Soon after, however, both nations chose a different course on the world stage and did not establish any formal contacts.

The geostrategic interests Pakistan and Israel share are vital. The nuclear issue, however, stands above them all. Five countries are considered globally to be nuclear-weapon states (NWS) under the terms of the Treaty of the Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT). Both Pakistan and Israel, however, are also known as nuclear states. Pakistan conducted overt nuclear tests in 1998 while Israel is also understood to have nuclear weapons though it does not acknowledge this, maintaining a policy of deliberate ambiguity, or Amimut.

Israel is known by its great influence over US policy-making, particularly in the area of foreign policy. Therefore, Jerusalem could play a key role in enabling Islamabad to rebuild its relations with the White house. Israel could also use the Jewish lobby in the US to help Pakistan follow suit after India and sign a framework for civil-nuclear cooperation with Washington (India signed it in July 2005).

Jerusalem, from its perspective, could neutralize the danger of what is dubbed as the “Islamic bomb”, or Pakistan’s nuclear program, which, in oneway or another could threaten Israel or be used to blackmail it.

As nuclear powers, connected together by indirect links to the Arab-Israeli conflict, both Islamabad and Jerusalem should recognize the necessity to manage any errors or mistakes between them, to avoid unintended negative outcomes of any use of the Bomb based on false information or misunderstanding. For that reason, the need for normalizing relations between the two countries, or at least creating direct hot-lines between the two capitals, is vital.

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The writer is a geostrategist, with interest in international relations, foreign policy decision-making and Middle East affairs. He has qualified from the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya and the Ashkelon Academic College, Israel. He can be reached at

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