Cover Story

September 2020

You have levelled certain allegations against PPP politicians. Do you stand by them?
Why did you think of coming out after so many years?
I actually reported the matter as soon as I could to one of the few officials I knew at the US embassy - which was several days after the rape. The then Interior Minister, Rehman Malik, warned me against traveling anywhere and that I should stay in my government housing as Americans were now targets due to the OBL incident. Also, the most powerful man in law enforcement raped me... who could I trust in the police (ANY police) or medical facility to take me to a medical centre for rape evaluation? PPP ruled the country. RULED.

And later, on my first available flight out to Washington, DC, I reported the rape, theft of my laptop and identity to the FBI.

What are your connections with the Pakistan Army?
Look. I’ve been in and out of Pakistan since 2009. I’ve met a bunch of folks. I would say that my connection with the Pakistan Army is as anyone else’s who is deeply interested in the region. I’ve been able to establish a rapport and a level of trust that I am here to help improve the country - not promote ANYONE’s false agenda/propaganda - one way or the other. I am here as a genuine well-wisher of the people of Pakistan.

Do you think you are now a factor in Pakistan’s politics?
The people of Pakistan and their thoughts and wishes should be the priority. I am merely a long term-resident of a country and people I adore. I wish to help uplift and improve the livelihoods, so the people of this nation can stand on their own feet with a sense of pride of what Pakistan once was and can become again.

The people, the youth, must rise. Discipline must replace feudal-lord thinking. A bureaucratic boot camp is needed for all the lethargic politicians and others who don’t give a damn about the people. ANYONE, and I do mean ANYONE, who is corrupt, who has betrayed their country should be ousted from the system. There should be no room for cowards, traitors or hypocrites.

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