Jawaid IqbalThe modern age is characterised by its cosmopolitan values based on enlightenment, equality, and egalitarianism, along with a universal set of trademark humanitarian principles. In spite of that, when it comes to such formidable, well-resourced countries as Israel, these rogue nations brazenly defy human norms with all their might and main and tear apart every aspect of humanity, together with any leftover vestige of magnanimity, especially when their vested interests are severely hit by the most vulnerable, disadvantaged, marginalised, and the most oppressed sections of the world.

To be very honest, the watershed moment of October 7 has denuded the world’s noble yet so-called notion of justice for all as every following morning dawns with hundreds of more deaths in the Gaza strip, coupled with thousands of injured Palestinian men, women, and even children, at the hands of Israeli forces who openly disregard any Geneva Convention, callously defy any moral obligations to the UN resolutions and brashly flout repeated international appeals to immediately stop the ceaseless bombardment in the name of the right to self-defence. To make things worse, Israel is not alone in the ongoing killing spree, euphemistically referred to as war crimes, since almost the entire highly-developed nations of the First World, erroneously known for their immaculate human rights record and tall claims of diversity, inclusion, and equal justice, are merely a partner in crime, prompting Israeli military retaliation and a complete siege of Gaza, no matter what it takes. The West, taken as a whole, corroborates the proverbial reality that the strongest are always in the right and thus have an inherent right to cannonade the victims of oppression in order to wipe them out from the face of the earth with no questions asked, red flags waved or any fingers raised. Let alone travesty of justice, slanted media coverage, or absolutely flawed equity perception, whatever Israel, in cahoots with its Western cronies, is committing against the helpless Palestinians, it clearly gives credence to the fact that intrinsically, they all are cut from the same cloth, still living in the age of barbarism and are more inhuman, savage and bestial than the most cold-blooded jingoists ever seen in the human history before.

Other than barraging Gaza and neighbouring Syria and Lebanon with deadly airstrikes day in, day out, Israel is preparing a ground invasion of Gaza at the time of writing this. At the same time, in marked contrast, the United Nations, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), along with Foreign Offices of over 100 countries, including the Islamic ones, are simply arms crossed, sitting on their thumbs and letting the disaster keep going. Even the worst are those nations that tend to stay neutral and assume the position of a go-between as if their calculated silence would awaken the conscience of the soi-disant chosen people, suffering from delusions of grandeur and killing humanity with a licence to kill. Having wasted over 75 years in search of a happy ending, the Palestinian crisis is now brewing to a boil. Given that there is no win-win solution to the perpetual crisis, as some of our Arab brethren mistakenly consider, the choice is now not between war and peace. At this crucial juncture, the choice oscillates between ‘war’ and ‘no war.’ Armageddon is around the corner, and it’s down to the Muslim nations to summon up courage and equal to the occasion before it’s too late.

Syed Jawaid Iqbal
President & Editor in Chief