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Bangladesh is emerging as the next frontier for tech investment, thanks to the country’s burgeoning population, increasing internet penetration, and growing pool of skilled talent.

By Bilal Mustikhan | September 2023

In recent years, the global tech investment landscape has witnessed a significant shift as many emerging markets have risen to prominence, and one such market that has been generating substantial interest is Bangladesh.

With its burgeoning population, increasing internet penetration, and growing pool of skilled tech talent, Bangladesh is emerging as the next frontier for tech investment. Let’s explore the factors that make Bangladesh an attractive destination for tech investment and discuss the potential opportunities it offers to investors.

Demographic Dividend: A Youthful Population Ready to Innovate

At the heart of Bangladesh’s tech potential lies its youthful population. With a median age of around 28 years, the country boasts a dynamic workforce eager to engage with technology and innovation.
This demographic dividend presents a fertile ground for tech companies to tap into fresh ideas, creativity, and adaptability. As the younger generation embraces digitalization at a rapid pace, there is an inherent drive to create and consume technology-driven solutions.

Rapidly Expanding Internet Penetration: Connecting the Unconnected

Bangladesh has been making remarkable strides in improving its telecommunication infrastructure. In this regard, the increasing availability and affordability of smartphones have significantly contributed to a surge in internet penetration, especially among the youth and urban populations. This surge has created an environment ripe for adopting tech-based services, ranging from e-commerce and digital payments to online education and healthcare platforms.

Government Support and Initiatives: Nurturing the Tech Ecosystem

Recognizing the tech sector’s potential, the Bangladesh government has taken proactive steps to foster its growth. Various initiatives, such as the ‘Digital Bangladesh’ vision, aim to promote digitalization across sectors and enhance the tech ecosystem. Policies encouraging Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the technology sector, coupled with establishing technology parks and incubators, demonstrate the government’s commitment to creating a conducive environment for tech innovation.

Emerging Start-up Ecosystem: A Breeding Ground for Innovation

Bangladesh’s start-up ecosystem has gained momentum, with numerous homegrown companies gaining recognition and investment. From e-commerce platforms like Daraz and AjkerDeal to ride-hailing services like Pathao, local start-ups are addressing the unique challenges and opportunities of the Bangladeshi market. This ecosystem offers investment opportunities and provides a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

E-commerce Potential: A Booming Digital Market

The rise of e-commerce in Bangladesh has been notable. The country’s growing middle class, along with the convenience of online shopping, has fuelled the expansion of e-commerce platforms. With more people embracing online transactions and digital payments, there is substantial potential for investors to tap into this thriving market.

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