Dr. A.Q. Khan Remembered
with Full Honours

September 2023

To recognize the lifelong contributions of the eminent nuclear scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, ‘the Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Peace Award’ was recently presented to the late scientist and humanitarian at a grand ceremony jointly organized by the Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys’ Association and the Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology here in Karachi.

Presented for Dr. A. Q. Khan’s ‘valuable services towards making the country invincible,’ the posthumous award was received by his daughter, Dr. Dina Khan. On this occasion, Hendrina Khan, Dr. Qadeer’s wife, was also honoured with a gold medal, which was also received by their daughter, Dr. Dina Khan. A souvenir book titled “The Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Peace Award Presented to Dr. A.Q. Khan” was also launched at the event.

The compendium features Dr. Khan’s life history, educational and academic achievements, and contributions to research and innovation. It also highlights his science, engineering, and fusion technology advancements, including establishing a state-of-the-art laboratory and testing unit. As rightly mentioned in the book, Pakistan is a country that was foreseen by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, envisioned by Allama Iqbal, founded by Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, and protected by Mohsin-e-Pakistan Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan.

In her address, Dr. Dina Khan, the daughter of A. Q. Khan, said that she would continue her father’s mission. “If I did at least one, it means I lived a life that has not gone to waste. My father wanted to do many things but was not allowed to do them. His knowledge and skills were wasted,” she added.

She also highlighted the lifelong efforts made by Dr. A. Q. Khan as a nuclear scientist and a great humanitarian who dedicated his entire life to making Pakistan. “My father appointed me the chairperson of AQ Hospital of AQ Foundation, which is a family foundation, but the hospital has been hijacked. There is a misappropriation of funds in the name of Dr. A.Q. Khan at the hospital,” Dr. Dina Khan stated.

In his welcome speech, the SSUET Chancellor, Jawaid Anwar, appreciated the services of Dr. A.Q. Khan and said he made history by empowering Pakistan with nuclear energy.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof Dr. Vali Uddin, Vice Chancellor, SSUET, said the SSUET has decided to set up the “Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan Chair” at the university to promote research and innovation in science and technolog.