Who Said That!

May 2023

“I want to be remembered as a reformer and developer.”
Pervez Musharraf,
former President of Pakistan

“I am trying to reduce tensions and bring parties to the negotiating table to save democracy from derailing.”
Dr. Arif Alvi,
President of Pakistan

“You can say I›m a Hindu nationalist because I am a born Hindu.”
Narendra Modi,
Prime Minister of India

“Bangladesh will buy its first submarines to boost its naval power in the Bay of Bengal.”
Sheikh Hasina Wajid,
Prime Minister of Bangladesh

“The Pakistan I want to lead must have good relationships with everyone, especially the United States.”
Imran Khan,
Former Prime Minister of Pakistan

“I can safely say the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has no real problem with corruption.”
Satya Pal Malik,
Former IIOJK Governor

‘There are sick-minded people on social media and their hobby is to insult artistes.’
Mehwish Hayat,
Pakistani actress

“Pakistan is not hell. People there are just like us.”
MP Ramya,
Indian actress