‘It is easier for the United States to exploit and plunder a polarised, divided and conflict-ridden world.’

- Dr. Fred M’membe, President, Socialist Party of Zambia

This exclusive piece is based on excerpts taken from the TV show ‘Dialogue’ telecast by a Beijing-based CGTN Television Network.

May 2023

If you look at the portrayal of China in the Western press or just see the remarks by Western officials in general and those from the U.S. in particular, they often refer to China as a top challenge or the biggest threat to the U.S. existence. How do you understand that kind of allegation or criticism?

You can understand why they are worried about a country like China. This is mainly because China is going in the opposite direction compared to the Western world and is working to free itself as well as the rest of the world from being humiliated at the hands of the United States and its allies. To the contrary, the United States is a country that has survived, thrived and prospered from the slave trade, particularly the cross-Atlantic slave trade. They enslaved Africans for centuries and plundered the resources of Latin America, Africa, Asia and even Europe. The United States is the country if it today decides to desist from exploiting the other people, it will no more be as powerful as that it happens to be in this time and age.

If there is equality in the dealings with each other, the U.S. would find it difficult to deal with the people and countries of equal status since it doesn’t know how to deal with others nations on an equal basis. The U.S. is worried today with the emerging multipolar world because its hegemonic interests are being threatened. In fact, it’s not China per se; it’s the interest of the Americans that are being threatened with a world that is more equal, fair and just. The Americans can’t survive in such a world because their raison d’etre is simply based on plundering, humiliating and exploiting other nations.

Chinese has successfully brokered a peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran to resume their diplomatic ties and China’s continued efforts to put an end to the Russia-Ukraine war. These Chinese efforts are being welcomed by the rest of the world. But US try to dismiss Chinese efforts and belittle them as something else. What’s wrong with the United States?

A world that is peaceful is not suitable for the United States because it prospers from the conflicts, it keeps humble nations at daggers drawn against each other and it does not help to remove conflicts as it always creates one.

When you look back at world conflicts, for instance, in 1776 when the USA was formed, the USA usually had a hand in it. When it doesn’t have a hand in it, it doesn’t work to resolve those conflicts. The U.S. works to perpetrate those conflicts because it thrives and benefits from them. When the world is divided, it becomes easier for the U.S. to exploit and plunder since the people who are united or stand together cannot be plundered or exploited or be made to fight each other. The U.S. is the country that benefits from wars and it creates wars as a business to make a profit out of such warfare. It makes profits from us.

The US Military Industrial Complex welcomes conflicts and wars so they can sell their weapons and ammunition to make a profit out of it. Is it justify for a democratic country?

Of course. They also rule the roost in the global media landscape; they manipulate world politics and sponsor politicians to help them accomplish their vested agenda across the world. So they have to create and find the conflict all the time. If no conflict arises naturally, they create it so that their industries keep making more and more money.

Every year the US publishes a report on the human rights record about every country but itself. What do you make of that? Some people accuse the U.S of using the so-called human rights alibi to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, particularly the countries the U.S. is not happy with or all they see them as rivals. How do you interpret the trend?

The pious arm of human rights that the U.S. waves all the time is hypocritical. This is the country that has invaded other countries, killing so many people including children; this is a country that has appropriated the resources of other countries and left them totally helpless. Look at Iraq today which is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the U.S. invasion. What is happening to the Iraqi oil money as when Iraq sells oil all the money goes to the United States and it is the U.S. government that decides how much to give to the Iraqi government to use and the Iraq government has to submit a budget to the U.S. to get his own money. After 20 years of that conflict, is Iraq an independent nation? Is Iraq a sovereign country?

If truth be told, Iraq today is a colony of the United States, a country that occupies other countries’ territories. For how long they’ve been in Guantanamo on Cuban soil, a small island but the whole country has been reduced to a U.S.-occupied territory. They still go and grab a small territory. They have been occupying other territories for several decades and the Cubans have been asking the U.S. to give them their land back, however, the U.S. does not respect that. Frankly speaking, can the USA claim Guantanamo to be their territory? You can see the display the same behaviour in Taiwan.

This is an interesting perspective of the point you have mentioned about the equality among sovereign nations. That’s an exercise of democracy based on equal footing and expressing one’s wish or needs or demands equally in the international community. Do you think there’s enough democracy in terms of that respect?

If you don’t respect the territories of other people which are occupied by human beings, how can you respect the human beings when you don’t respect the territories which they occupy? How can you respect a human being when you don’t respect the privacy of their home, and the sanctity and dignity of their home?

A homeland is something very important for human beings. Every human being on this planet has a homeland, which is their house and that’s why it is called a ‘Homeland.’ You cannot just get into somebody’s house; you cannot invade somebody’s country and interfere. If you don’t respect the sovereignty of a territory you cannot respect the human beings who live in that territory and you cannot claim to be committed to their democratic and human rights. What are human rights without a homeland? Is it democracy when your rights can be trampled on when your leaders can be toppled anytime and they can be killed any moment? Look at what they did to Saddam Hussein in Iraq and to Muammar Gaddafi in Libya. Look at what they do to many other global leaders. Look even at their attitude and their arrogance towards the other people. In short, the United States never respects leaders of other countries and nations.