Who Said That!

April 2023

“We need to tailor democracy and the parliamentary system to Pakistan’s requirements and in this, the most important matter is the army.”
Pervez Musharraf,
former President of Pakistan

“A maverick alone cannot solve all the issues, but a president can make efforts to bridge the gulf.”
Dr. Arif Alvi,
President of Pakistan

“Magnificent developments in infrastructure, economy, and digital sectors made in the last 75 days proudly show that it is India’s moment.”
Narendra Modi,
Prime Minister of India

“The people of Bangladesh got the real taste of development when Awami League assumed power in 1996.”
Sheikh Hasina Wajid,
Prime Minister of Bangladesh

“I’ve made mistakes in life, but marrying Reham has to be the biggest.”
Imran Khan,
Former Prime Minister of Pakistan

“When it comes to humour, Pakistan is always ahead of India.”
Shakeel Siddiqui,
Pakistani actor

‘You don’t have the right to touch me without consent, even if I’m married to you.’
Amna Ilyas,
Pakistani actress