Companion to Pakistani Cuisine

Valuable Resource

By Ayesha Sheikh | April 2023

The book ‘Companion to Pakistani Cuisine’ by Shanaz Ramzi can be referred to as an encyclopaedia which draws attention towards the history and evolution of various cuisines the country is globally known for. The book brings to light the rich history of various dishes and spices, and how these dishes are relatable to different cuisines.

A great read in leisure time, the book gives an inspiration to explore more about different cuisines of a variety of cultures. Particularly for a housewife, reading such valuable books could be a kind of smart investment. For instance, instead of spending unnecessary time on internet in searching for an authentic recipe, one just needs to go through this book to get an idea and then choose a suitable dish in accordance with the season, taste buds and complexity level.

The book ‘Companion to Pakistani Cuisine’ by Shanaz Ramzi has some wonderful essays about the history and evolution of the Mughlai cuisine, Mohenjo Daro’s way of cooking and Pakistan’s iconic eateries, etc. Also, what makes the book worth reading is its ability to make a distinction between Pakistani and Indian cuisine. This is because in this digital world most people do not have an idea between these cuisines and their subtle differences, assuming that these cuisines are way more similar just like the languages spoken in both countries. However, this is not the case, especially when it comes to meat-based dishes, sweats and desserts.

Furthermore, the book is not boring or monotonous; it is informative and really a valuable resource to increase one’s general knowledge about the whole range of different foods and cuisines. At the same time, the book gives an idea of taste of a particular dish, describes its complexity, the heaviness and lightness and also provides an overview of each recipe.

The book ‘Companion to Pakistani Cuisine’ by Shanaz Ramzi is a must read, especially for those looking to make their careers in the culinary fields. Other than covering Pakistani cuisine, it sheds enough light on the spices and techniques used, utensils preferences, and lot more of related, yet valuable details. This book is an ideal guide for those who want to know more about Pakistani food culture and its historical evolution.

The book is also important as in the contemporary era new generation is not well aware of their favourite foods and their background. However, this book is a great source of information for the young generation too.

Above all, the book ‘Companion to Pakistani Cuisine’ by Shanaz Ramzi is an embodiment of the hard work of contributors and their in-depth research. In a word, the book represents and highlights Pakistani cuisine in a way that any foodie from anywhere around the world would love to explore Pakistani dishes, spices and technique.