Special editorial feature


‘There are ample opportunities to increase bilateral trade between Pakistan and Australia’.

Pervez H. Madraswala,
Pakistan Australia Business Forum

January 2023

What is the current status of trade between Australia and Pakistan?
The relationship between both countries is an important one. The two countries have traded goods for quite some time and have strong interest in trade and increasing it to the benefit of their economies.
There are ample opportunities to increase bilateral trade between the two countries, wherein the trade bodies in both countries are actively pursuing different fields of interest specially Austrade, which is playing a major role to service Pakistani and Australian businessmen in providing a unique networking opportunity for businessmen seeking to develop their business.

Do you plan to have any visit of Pakistani businessmen to Australia with a view to understand market?
The Australian High Commission and Austrade have always supported our business visits to Australia and have previously helped in accommodating business groups for visits in different areas of business.
I have always encouraged Pakistani businessmen to visit and explore Australia and seek business opportunities.

What is the major export of Pakistani products to Australia and their volume plus revenue?
Pakistan is one of the most rapidly growing economies in the world. It is an emerging market, and its major export to Australia are textiles, iron, steel, cereals, leather goods, spices, sports goods and miscellaneous agricultural products.

What do we import from Australia?
Products that Pakistan imports from Australia are mainly pulses, wood products, fertilizers and petroleum products.

What steps have been taken by your organization to facilitate Pakistani businessmen?
PABF assists in promoting trade, investment, finance, commerce, industry and joint ventures between Australia and Pakistan. We also assist Australian companies who are already established in Pakistan to conduct, sponsor or promote any activity of benefit to members and to provide any services appropriate to a business form without involvement in politics.

Now when the Covid-19 pandemic is over, do you think an exhibition of Pakistani products will make some sense?
Of course. I have seen even during the pandemic that business activities were going on and were spreading their messages across the world. Actually, the Covid-19 pandemic had taught us many lessons such as how you can market your product from 1 one part of the world to the other even without even travelling. Without doubt, we have learned lot because of the pandemic and are able to employ a number of smart, yet cost-effective ways to communicate convey our messages to the entire world.