January 2023

Khan of Pakistan Cinema

Mahira Khan is a rising star who leaves no stone unturned in terms of her personality, fashion sense, and most importantly, her dedication and commitment to her work. She makes it a goal to stay in the spotlight across all platforms. Her most recent film, “The Legend of Maula Jatt,” performed exceptionally well at the box office. It has emerged at the top of the Pakistani film industry. The audience was thrilled by her performance. She is undoubtedly one of the top female superstars in the country. Congratulations, MK for setting such high expectations for others. She will next be seen in “Neelofar,” her forthcoming film.

Well Done, CBI!

Indian actor Sushant Singh Rajput died in mysterious circumstances in Mumbai in June 2020. The case was first being probed by the Mumbai Police and was later transferred to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), India’s premier investigating agency. Early investigations concluded that he had died by a simple suicide. However, after more than two years, it has now been found out that Sushant Singh was, in fact, murdered. Kudos to the CBI for taking over a 2-year period to make such a breakthrough!

PR behind Pasoori

‘Pasoori’, a song by Ali Sethi and Shae Gill, set a new record in the music history of Pakistan last year. In fact, it emerged as the most searched song on Google as well as the most streamed Pakistani song of 2022 on Spotify, one of the world’s largest music streaming service providers. Though the huge success earned by a humdrum song like Pasoori is still a hard nut to crack for the old school of music, this is not Pasoori but a great PR effort behind the run-of-the-mill song that deserves appreciation.

Joyland Part II

It seems like another controversy is about to brew up this time for TV viewers. In the guise of breaking stereotypes, a forthcoming TV series on ARY Digital will reportedly centre on a male hermaphrodite civil servant. Following in the footsteps of the film Joyland, the drama series, starring Saba Qamar and Muneeb Butt, is aimed at highlighting social taboos and related issues that revolve around people born with androgynous attributes. Is it dearth of story ideas or a well-thought-out agenda to feature controversial matters, it looks Pakistan’s entertainment industry has found a workable ploy to amass instant popularity and worldwide fame by touching on such issues with a wider scope to disturb and upset the majority of the people for all the right reasons.