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December 2022

KPME was founded in 2008 to serve the MENA and Pakistan region. KPME has a proud history of innovation and leadership in the coatings industry based on synergies in research, technology, people, products, and partners. The company currently operates in 5 countries and has 4 production plants with an annual production capacity of 12 million liters per year. Kaizen’s commitment to technological innovation is exemplified by the degree of advanced quality control laboratories where each batch undergoes a number of stringent quality control tests to ensure it meets customer benchmarks, local regulatory compliance and global manufacturing standards.

Today, the company enjoys a well-established position as one of the world’s top coatings manufacturers offering cutting-edge Japanese technology paint with a unique feature of Italian Finishes. KPME has proved itself as an organization that is built on strong values and a talent pool enjoying the trust of its customers and the respect of its competitors.


KPP is a fully owned subsidiary of Kaizen Paint Middle East (KPME) operating successfully in Pakistan since 2008 as the market leader in the automotive paint segment with its State-of-the-Art manufacturing CED facility at Sundar Industrial Estate, Lahore. KPP also provides world-class Architectural & Engineering coatings solutions to its customers in Pakistan. The Architectural coatings business offers a wide array of innovative consumer & business-focused products and solutions that provide excellent coverage, stain & scratch resistance, and superior finish to any surface. Similarly, KPP offers exceptional levels of technological proficiency, product supremacy, and devoted technical field support across diverse industrial sectors for its customers.

future plans for growth and expansion in Pakistan

Pakistan has been a key market for KPME since its inception in 2008. Currently we are planning to strengthen our product portfolio in this market by investing in our Architectural coatings business on the back of our continued success in the automotive coatings segment over the last fifteen years.In Pakistan, we plan to revitalize and introduce a new architectural range of consumer paint products catering to the needs of the modern consumer and expand our B2B customer footprint in the protective & engineering coatings segment.

We also plan to consolidate and continue to grow our Automotive business by focusing on our current portfolio of customers.

A brief Q & A with syed ameer hamza hassan group CEO-Kaizen paint middle east
Which year was Kaizen paint formed?

Kaizen Paint Middle East (KPME) journey started in 2008 after ICI Pakistans’ acquisition by AzkoNobel. At that time, a joint venture was set up with Kansai Paint Japan, one of the key technology partners of ICI as Kansai Paint Middle East (KPME). In 2021, the name of the company was changed to Kaizen Paint Middle East to tap into new opportunities and expand the company portfolio in the Middle East North Africa region.

Other than Pakistan what is KPME’s footprint?

Currently, KPME has a strong footprint in Pakistan, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Morocco in various segments of the coatings business.

What is KPME’s philosophy for doing business in the region?

Kaizen Paint Middle East has carved a niche for itself in the paint industry that strives for growth through delivering the highest quality paint products.
Our overarching philosophy has been to be present in all the markets that we are interested in, and which have not matured to a point where competition is totally entrenched. When we talk about a growth focused strategy, one is growth within the individual market or segment. The other is growth of our footprint. So, our growth focus has been to expand our footprint and sort of plant small trees everywhere. Therefore, within a brief time, we were not just doing one business, we were growing many businesses and thus able to expand our footprint in Qatar, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Pakistan, and the UAE. We have been lucky to have expanded our footprint significantly.

What is the expertise of Kaizen paint other than automotive paints?

We operate in all major coating segments, including Automotive, Auto-Refinish, Architectural and Protective Coatings. Our Automotive coatings business is a market leader in Pakistan and is being used by most of the major Japanese car manufacturers in Pakistan such as Suzuki, Toyota, and Honda cars. We also provide automotive coatings for Renault cars in Morocco. UAE and Qatar have a strong presence in the auto-refinish paint and project based architectural paint business. We are currently investing in our consumer architectural coatings business in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia respectively followed by selected investments in the rest of the region. We also operate a successful Construction Materials business in Saudi Arabia.

Tell us about your flagship paints in Pakistan and how are they unique and environmentally friendly?

Ever since we started business, one of our guiding principles is that we will not contribute to the pollution of the planet. And we still follow that principle even if it means that we lose business. We choose not to do business where we know that we will be adversely impacting the environment. The protocols we follow are derived primarily from our fundamental base of automotive paint manufacturing, which is extremely stringent. All our raw materials that come in are duly tested. We ensure that every vendor that is on boarded is first researched and then approved. So, once the ingredients have been tested and verified, then that is a good start for us to achieve that objective.

Shahzad Asad Khan
Chief Executive Officer Kaizen Paint Pakistan.

Since we entered Pakistan in 2008, Kaizen Paint Pakistan (KPP) has worked hard to earn the trust and respect of its customers. Today, I am immensely proud to say that we are the undisputed market leader in the automotive paint industry. Thanks to our continuous investment in state-of-the-Art Japanese technology over the years, all our business segments including Architectural and Engineering coatings continue to gain market share and industry recognition in their respective core markets. I would like to assure you that, every day, we strive to provide a first-class customer satisfaction experience by personally interacting with you to understand and recognize your key paint-related requirements and then provide and o er long-lasting paint-related solutions whether these are for your automobiles, businesses, or personal homes.We at KPP look forward to serving you. Let us join hands together to make this world a better place to live for our future generations.

Business Portfolio

Paint that goes beyond the surface.

At KPP, we believe in the power of colour and the importance of paint in making any space look visually stunning. Our wide array of innovative products and solutions provide excellent coverage, stain & scratch resistance, and superior finish to any surface. Going beyond just colouring a surface, we also offer additional benefits such as Anti-rust, Odourless, Fungus resistant and Antimicrobial properties across the range of our products.

We understand that interiors and exteriors are not just about walls. Our high-performance coatings include Stain Guard, Premium Exterior Emulsion, Premium Interior Emulsion, Wood and Metal protection solutions.



KPP is a market leader in the automotive coatings and refinishes industry in the country. The automotive product portfolio consists of primers, basecoats, and topcoats. We provide high-quality painting systems and continuous technical support to all our automotive clients. Our products meet the most exacting standards for corrosion resistance, colour, durability, and longevity. We enable automotive manufacturers to provide car buyers with beautiful colour choices. Our commitment to excellence reflects in our ever-growing list of satisfied clients every year.


KPP products are designed to meet a diverse range of customer requirements across several industries. Each of our products meets the highest standards of durability and corrosion resistance with chosen finishes. Complementing the product’s power of withstanding extreme conditions, we offer exceptional levels of technological proficiency, product supremacy, and devoted technical field support across diverse industrial sectors. We are an integral paint and coating supplier to numerous industries and infrastructure projects in Pakistan including;

• Oil & Gas, • Textile, • Fertilizer & Agriculture, • Cement, • Food & beverage,
• Construction, • Automotive and Armed forces


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