September 2022

‘We claim Islam as Deen or a complete way of life.’.
Pervez Musharraf,
former President of Pakistan.

‘Let’s forget the baggages of the past and make a new beginning.’
- Shahbaz Sharif,
Prime Minister of Pakistan

“It’s more important to try to do something for the crores of poor people of my country.”
Imran Khan,
political leader

‘All financing sources never want to talk to you unless and until you have IMF clearance’
- Asad Umer, Politician.

“All women are actresses, dear. I am just clever enough to get paid for it”.
- Mehwish Hayat, actress.

“You are powerful, amazing and can pursue any dreams, no matter what.”
- Bismah Maroof,
woman cricketer

‘You are as old as you look. If you are fit and pretty at an X age, why won’t filmmakers want to cast you, whether you are married or not?’
- Kareena Kapoor Khan, acrress