Readers’ Thoughts

September 2022

Deeds Extolled

Your Cover story in August on General Musharraf was very comprehensive and all-encompassing. He is one man who did so much for Pakistan and its people and these deeds must be recounted in a proper manner. He has himself admitted that he should not have given the NRO to politicians but then the flaws come with the positive points.
I am of the view that General Musharraf did more for Pakistan than any other head of government after Jinnah. He should be extolled in that light and all his good deeds must be recounted. That as an army man he was able to achieve so much is really extraordinary. He is a real officer and a gentleman!

Nazim Rizvi,
Karachi, Pakistan.

A Man of Culture

I met General Musharraf after he had retired as President of Pakistan. The general put me at ease with his no-nonsense and amiable disposition.

I was invited to his house a number of times later and we shared our love for old film songs. It was like being in the company of an upper middle class nobility of the Ganga-Jamuni tahzeeb. On all such occasions he would ask me to sing the old Manna Dey number, his favourite:“Tera haath haath mein aa geya to chiragh raah mein jal gaye”. He would at times even hum along, prompting me when I forgot a line. He never made me feel that I was a commoner who had intruded into his company, that of a former President of Pakistan.

What impressed me personally – and to my knowledge – there was no other person at that exalted position in this country whose heart throbbed with genuine love for culture, particularly music. The flourishing of the Pakistan National Council of the Arts, the National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage and the National Academy of Performing Arts in Karachi are some manifestations of his vision.

S.M. Shahid,
Karachi, Pakistan.

New Solutions

It is said that the politics of jalsaas and elections is entirely different. If that is the case, then how come Imran Khan holds huge jalsaas and then manages to get votes at polling stations?

His party recently wrested 15 out of 20 provincial seats in the Punjab and won the seat vacated after the death of Amir Liaquat in Karachi by a wide margin.

The fact is that the nation has become quite fed-up with politics of the old lot. They want new solutions and they want their country to be independent of dictation. Imran Khan has given vent to the nation’s hunger for freedom and that is why he is successful.

Aneeqa Shah
Multan, Pakistan.


The article on the transgender community was an eye-opener. It was not only a good read but also a near-accurate expression of the very fact that we, as a society, have been very insensitive towards the transgender. Considering that they are not any less human being, they still have to fight for equal rights. Yet they have paved their way in society constructively - for the most part. I believe that if they continue to do what they are doing for themselves without expecting anything from the government or society, they will definitely achieve what they deserve.

Rahila Naz,
Gujranwala, Pakistan.

Civic Sense

Thanks to the Government of Sindh for making commuting so convenient for Karachi residents. I use the Red Bus frequently and find it to be quite convenient.

I’ve noted that despite increased surveillance, people continue to deface the buses. Since we do not have another proper form of commuting that the public can use, most of the public is using this service. Cleanliness is not being observed properly. People should have the civic sense of keeping public property clean and use this facility in a positive manner rather than spoiling the condition of the buses, just like the past services.

I believe that if the Government of Sindh should partner with the Directorate of Education and conduct awareness programmes in schools, we will be able to reach a wider audience and propagate the message.

We request the concerned authorities through the medium of your magazine, to take immediate action and help us sort this issue which can emerge as a huge problem otherwise.

Muhammad Ali,
Karachi, Pakistan.

Screen Time

In today’s age, it’s not wise to allow children too much screen time. Little do we know what damages it does mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. The TV rays not only damage the eyes but affect all our organs. Unfortunately, even the cartoons are loaded with violence and adult topics and scenes that are too much for the little minds to take. Of course there is a time for everything. Gadgets are the need of the times. They have brought the world together at the click of a finger so we just need to protect our little ones and our children from misusing and abusing these gadgets and guide them how to use them in a constructive and progressive way.

Mumtaz Rizvi,
New York, USA.


Due to the trend of women working and having no options in a country like India, they do not have any means of leaving their little ones who are yet not going to school in a proper daycare. They have no other family members at home to leave their child behind as the joint family system is fading away. Sometimes they do not have any choice but to leave their children behind with the maid (babysitter). These maids are not trained to look after a child in an educated way with love and care. They take full advantage of being alone with an innocent child who is still unable to complain about all the negative things the maid does to the child in the absence of the parents. Cases have been reported of abusing the child, not only physically but mentally, torturing and leaving them crying in hunger with wet nappies and relaxing themselves, glued to the television watching a movie or using their mobile. They even eat the child’s fancy food such as nuggets and fries. Working parents are facing a great dilemma which will result in a deviated adult and the route cause would permanently damage the future of their children.

Rooha Amin,
Meerut, India.

Rain Havoc

Rains in Pakistan were extraordinarily heavy this year owing to climate change. The whole country was inundated by water, which has raised a big question mark for both urban and rural planners. They must make provisions for proper drainage systems in planning cities, building highways and erecting underpasses.

Drainage systems in large cities like Karachi are non-existent and that is why there is so much damage to thoroughfares of all sizes.

Wasil Anwar,
Karachi, Pakistan.

Rail Travel

Pakistan is a country in South Asia which has one of the world’s best rail networks. This network was built by the British rulers and has lasted to this day.

Rail travel was until some years back undertaken with glee but with the increase in population and continuous mis-management by the railway authorities, road transport has taken over or people travel by air.

Efforts should be made to bring rail travel back into vogue, especially for those travelers not pushed for time. All that it needs is some smart thinking by those having the authority.

Farah Khan,
Quetta, Pakistan.