Special editorial feature

Gas & Oil Pakistan Ltd . (GO)


August 2022

There has never been a more fast growing oil marketing company in Pakistan than Gas & Oil Pakistan Ltd. (GO). From humble beginnings, GO, in a span of seven years has been able to rapidly spread its retail outlet network throughout the country. It is one thing to provide fuel based products and services; it is entirely another to be recognized for unmatched quality of services rendered aside from fuels. There is popular opinion circulating on social media that people actually plan their road trips keeping in mind the locations of GO retail outlets because of the impeccable level of comfort, quality and services their highway retail outlets provide to their customers.

Taking a few steps back into its history, the company’s early focus was to develop storage facilities in the country in line with its ambition. Following up on that, GO set up retail sites in rural and suburban areas and in the last couple of years has started to make its presence felt in bigger cities. GO currently has the largest network of Company Owned Company Operated (COCO) retail outlets as well as a fleet of Mobile Quality Testing Units (MQTU) that ensure consistent top quality fuel products delivery to customers at all times.

To add to that, the company has a retail network in excess of 1,000 retail outlets nationwide that provide not just its own brand of quality petrol, diesel and lubricants but also non-fuel products and services. GO has strong presence on the M4 and M5 motorways and has been garnering attention on social media platforms for its executive services at its retail outlets which include its restaurants, marts and pristine washrooms. GO has also donated ambulances to the National Highway and Motorway Police and has emergency ambulance services readily available in case of any accident on the highways of M4 and M5.

GO’s ambitious business growth strategy relies on an unrelenting focus on customers around-the-clock, in all seasons, and in every situation. It is one of the leading OMCs to incorporate state-of-the-art tools and high-tech resources; making full use of technology to hone its supply chain management functions and make concerted long term efforts to stabilize the petroleum sector in its entirety.

Additionally, the company has oil storage depots and terminals across Pakistan that amount to approx. 200,000 MTs. This is the largest oil storage capacity by an OMC in the private sector. Supporting its strong commitment of meeting the nation’s fuelling needs, GO has a fleet of over 700 tank trucks equipped with Satellite Tracking Systems that ensure round-the-clock deliveries to all of its retail outlets. Furthermore, GO offers Corporate, Fleet and Prepaid Cash Cards to companies and individuals enabling a convenient way of fuelling and expense management.

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