Special editorial feature

CSR and Other Activities

August 2022

GO has been a proud flag-bearer of corporate social responsibility in the energy sector. CSR being one of its core beliefs, GO is conscious of its responsibilities to the community and environment. In line with recent regulatory changes by the government and its policies, GO introduced Euro-5 compliant fuels, enhancing engine performance and paving the way for a cleaner environment.

GO is actively involved in various CSR initiatives. These include:
• Kauser Majeed Dialysis Centre, Burewala.
• Installing a Water Filtration Plant at various locations in Punjab to provide clean drinking water to people.
• Establishment and Functioning of the Kauser Majeed Girls Model High School, Burewala.
• Launched tree plantation drives wherein the total trees planted stand at 650,000. GO intends on planting 300,000 in the next 12 months.
• Operating ambulances for catering to emergencies which are deployed in Lahore, Sahiwal, Mahmoodkot, Kotla Jam, Daulatpur, Sarai Naurang, Sheikhupura & Burewala.
• Mobile Dastarkhawan providing 2,000 cooked meals daily to underprivileged people in Lahore.
• Pays its junior most employees well above the minimum wage, lowest salary being Rs.30,000.

In the coming few years, GO plans to spearhead its massive plans to have several hundred more retail outlets. It has already achieved this with its exponential growth along all major motorways and highways. This has solidified GO’s overall position as one of the top three players of the petroleum industry. There is no doubt that if GO keeps up this pace, it will supersede its competitors and emerge as Pakistan’s number one OMC in the private sector in no time.