Readers’ Thoughts

June 2022

Reflecting the Mood

Your cover story ‘Sun sets only to rise again’, truly reflects the mood of the times. In recent times, Imran Khan is the only true leader to have emerged in Pakistan. He has had many failings and though he may not have given a lot to the country in his rule of 3 years and 7 months, he should have been given a full term of 5 years to complete his projects. He did have a statesman-like vision for Pakistan but he needed more time to complete his projects. Even then, he gave Pakistanis a health card, the Kamyab Jawan programme and much more. He should be allowed to come back - democratically - to complete his tasks. And let’s hope he will be less arrogant and more diplomatic this time around.

Danyal Hussain
Lahore, Pakistan

Transport Woes

The transport problem in Karachi is said to have been solved after introduction of Greenline buses which run from Surjani Town to Guru Mandir. The city has a population of over 3 crores and sprawls over large expanse. How is it possible then that a single route can solve the long-standing transport woes of the city? What this huge metropolis needs is a wide network of transportation routes that should cater to the needs of commuters moving from different locations of residence in the city to their workplaces in other parts of the city. Merely one route does not solve this problem. The city fathers need to consider road plus above surface and underground rail routes to bring about meaningful convenience for commutes and also mitigate traffic congestion.

Abdul Aleem
Karachi, Pakistan

Climate Change

Forest cover is fast disappearing in Pakistan. The minister for climate change in the Shahbaz Sharif government, Sherry Rehman, is reported to be conducting an inquiry into the trees that were planted or not planted under the last government. In fact, what she should be more concerned about is the planting of more trees in the country so as to increase forest cover as this would make a positive difference in climate change. Ms. Sherry Rehman must put her priorities right.

Aalia Mussadiq
Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Governing from London

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and a good part of his cabinet rushed to London recently for guidance in handling of the country’s economy from Nawaz Sharif, the bigwig of the PML(N). Nawaz Sharif is a criminal who was jailed in Pakistan for life and who fled to London on a false medical pretext. He promised to return in a few weeks but has been gone for over two years. The jailbird is now summoning the Pakistan government members to London to give them instructions. Is this how governments are run?

Muhammad Safir
Peshawar, Pakistan

Forgotten Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s problems prompted an OIC summit conference in Islamabad but somehow the country has been forgotten and there is not much talk about its travails. In fact, the US is even said to be contemplating bombing Afghanistan once again to avenge its earlier defeat there. It is obvious the country has no future and it will continue to be a hiding place for terrorists and criminals in the times to come. The US pays only lip service to the innocent people of the country and has no sympathy for them.

Amar Singh
Al Ain, UAE

Sports Administrators

The other day one heard someone remark in a TV discussion that it was not necessary for good players to be good sports administrators as well. How true. Perhaps this may not be the right time for it, but sports administration in Pakistan needs to be put under competent corporate professionals and not necessarily good sportsmen - or women.

Shehla Khurshid
Islamabad, Pakistan

Better Safety Systems

When an Indian missile lost track and flew many miles in Pakistani territory, it was written off as merely a mistake on the part of Indian armed forces. Had a similar mistake been committed by the Pakistani military and it had allowed a missile to enter Indian territory, all hell would have been let loose. What this confirms is that Pakistan has much better safety systems for its missile and nuclear programmes than India does.

Syed Qamarullah Shah
Kharian, Pakistan

Well Done, SouthAsia!

Let me congratulate SouthAsia and its entire team for its great efforts. In its May 2022 issue, SouthAsia magazine highlighted the former prime minister Imran Khan’s efforts for making a good image for Pakistan in the comity of nations despite all odds. Once again, I congratulate people at SouthAsia magazine for bringing out such a quality publication every month. Well Done!

Syed Mumtaz Ahmed Rizvi,
New York, USA.

Off Base

This is about your editorial ‘Sewing the National Fabric’ which appeared in SouthAsia, May ‘22 issue.

While the magazine title photo of Imran Khan and a catchy caption were impressive, I thought the editorial would have some journalistic prudence and research. To my utter disgust, the entire editorial was off base with needless praise of young dynastic politician Bilawal Bhutto. As things currently stand, Billawal Bhutto is an inexperienced politician who does not carry the same DNA as his grandfather, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. To the contrary, ZAB was smart, intelligent, experienced and naturally talented and his party’s slogan ‘Roti, Kapra Aur Makaan’ was enough proof of his farsightedness, compared to the term ‘selected’ used by Billawal and his father Asif Ali Zardari, who is known for his corruption and nothing else.

I personally like Pakistan State Minister of Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar as she has competence. However, after watching her recent interview on Al Jazeera it seems that she has now lost her diplomatic aura and does not hold a firm perspective on key matters.

Mahmood Nanji,
Karachi, Pakistan