Global Sisterhood

Western feminism morphing into aimless liberalism. Is it the right direction for women?

By Mir Adnan Aziz | June 2022

The world is made up of various cultures and societies. Within them, multifaceted divisions based on race, class and ethnicity are at play. Gender discrimination, a dilapidating oppression, is a scourge that primarily targets women. Post-9/11, the West has formed and forced a malicious narrative. It identifies Islam with two evils, terrorism and repression of women; both are strictly forbidden in Islam. This demonization fostered for political aims has become the means to genocide and furthering political and imperialistic agendas.

What the West, a hostage to these fallacies, does not comprehend is that cultures and societies are not universal in nature. American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr calls it “the bland fanatics of Western civilization who regard the highly contingent achievements of our culture as the final form and norm of human existence”. Since the Crusades, the West has regarded the Mediterranean Sea as the frontier against Islam. Western countries now see this “alien religion” thriving within its very own boundaries. This has led to a severe backlash faced primarily by non-white women throughout Europe and in the United States.

Claiming to be the global torch-bearer of “liberating” women, the US has seen Western feminism morph into sexual freedom and anti-life movements within its shorelines. This has resulted in erosion of family systems and legalization of abortion in parts of the US and Europe. This gory practice, akin to female infanticide, is what Islam called a great sin and strictly forbade more than 1500 years ago.

The stark failure of this Western feminism can be gauged from the fact that around 213,000 females are sexually assaulted in the US each year. This averages to one rape every 2 minutes. The quickest way to destroy society is to wreck the family system. Sexual freedom has led to marriage being branded as repressive and obsolete. This has resulted in a documented 40 percent children being born out of wedlock in the US; just one fallout of the vagaries of Western feminism.

Not confined to women alone, the US Justice Department admitted that 216,000 male inmates were raped annually in US penitentiaries. This gives the US yet another dubious title of being the first country in history where sexual assaults on men outnumber those on women. This abhorrent travesty has no takers. Sociologists and theologists now view Western feminism as antithetical to women rights. They assert that radical feminists are anti-family and agains gender-roles that are an imperative to families and societies. Western feminists view family as the basic repository of gender oppression with males as the bourgeois and women as the proletariat.

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