TV Serial


Family Play

By Humeyra Kazmi | June 2022

ARY TV serials are normally family-oriented as they depict family values, culture, Pakistani attitudes and ethics. Compared to other entertainment channels, plays from ARY TV are free from vulgarity and they do not follow formula plots from Indian films and soap operas. Angna is one such serial that transcends the usual and has something to say.

It is a story which revolves around a well-to-do business family, The elegant couple is played by Javed sheikh, while the wife is Atiqa Odho. They have four daughters, which is quite common, but the couple does not have a son. They have raised their four daughters in a very healthy environment, with love, respect and confidence. They are educated ,outgoing, there is a bonding with parents and there is respect for values and culture and traditions, also shown in respect to their grandmother and later with the interconnected families.

The family gives importance to the grandmother, which is normally not shown in TV plays. There is a bonding between the sisters as well as the mother and grandmother. They are strong young women and empowered, which is encouraging as mostly we see that women are beaten and cursed, often bullied and even divorced, for giving birth to girls.

Family values respect, ethics education culture are fast diminishing, materialism has been taken over and is shown quite a lot on TV. Javed sheikh and Atiqa Odho have a remarkable chemistry, so near to reality and their attitude towards their daughters, the concern, the frustrations and how subtly they handle each situation. The widow is not a cursed person. When one daughter is widowed, the in-laws are considerate. Nobody blames the girl and nobody curses her for the untimely death of the son.

The grandmother’s wisdom is given importance in their lives and they take her advice at every occasion. The grandmother also shows respect and is not rigid, she bows down to her granddaughters choice. This serial is very near to real life happenings in average families and how to intelligently cope with situations. The serial has no foul language, no vulgarity of dress code, albeit being a rich business family, modern and educated.

The saas bahu syndrome is age-old, and here it is depicted in beautiful coordination, mutual respect and kindness. The interconnected families too show consideration and are ready to help each other both in distress and happiness. It certainly will have an impact, when we observe such caring and considerate families. Even the supporting cast performs well and there is a lot of synchronization.
Angna is remarkably portrayed and a well-written and well-produced serial