June 2022

The Hostess

From make-up girl to TV host and cricket commentator, Zainab Abbas has come a long way. Perhaps it is her passion for cricket that has driven her this far. Her father was a cricketer too in the playing days of Ramiz Raja. With all her zing, Zainab does not seem to be an inspiration for Pakistan’s female cricketers though, who are quite a losing lot.


Should politicians end up in bandages and collar supports? Shahbaz Gill, a close Imran Khan associate, ended up in a capsized car while travelling on a motorway. His vehicle was hit from the rear and went topsy-turvy. If a smash-up is the price of loyalty to the leader, Gill or any other PTI guy shouldn’t have any problems.


When a Pakistani gets recognition in the West for his or her work, they become celebrities at home. Laraib Atta is one such person. She has been in the SFX teams of 10,000 BC, The Chronicles of Narnia, Prince of Persia, Godzilla and X-Men: Days of Future Past and has also worked for the BBC, Glassworks Barcelona and MPC. Daughter of popular singer Attraullah Essakhelvi, Laraib has contended for OSCAR and BAFTA awards in 2022.


Farah Khan became a newsmaker after the Imran Khan government folded up. The main accusation against her was taking lots of money for postings and transfers in the Punjab while Imran Khan was Prime Minister. And all because she is a friend of Bushra Bibi, the prime minister’s wife. So it was a sort of allegation of corruption against Imran Khan, in the absence of any other corruption charges against the outgoing PM.