The Executive Management talks
about building a 50 Year SOLID legacy

Mr. Abbas Akberali

May 2022

Please tell us about Amreli Steels, its 50-year history, its products and add-ons?
I have been at Amreli Steels since its inception in 1972. When our family moved back to Karachi after the fall of East Pakistan in 1971, we had to start over from scratch. We had always been in the steel business so it was natural for us to move in the same direction. We first set up a small manually operated mill in the SITE area. In 1984, we seized the opportunity of bringing a fully automatic mill to Pakistan from the UK to manufacture steel bars as per American and British Standards.

The new factory was ahead of its time and established Amreli Steels as a pioneer in the steel industry of Pakistan. Since then, we have made introducing and embracing the latest manufacturing and associated technologies a central part of our mission statement. Today, our plant in Dhabeji is based on the latest rolling technology available globally. Not only is this plant energy-efficient but it is also capable of producing rebars of any and every international standard. We have achieved milestones after milestones in every passing decade in terms of manufacturing capability, product innovation and financial performance. This relentless pursuit for innovation and quality is the reason why our brand enjoys an impeccable reputation and trust in the market.

Our product portfolio comprises of rebars that are the most commonly used in construction and comply with the widely accepted international standards. Amreli Steels Maxima is a general construction rebar that complies with the American Standard ASTM 615 and is perfect for all types of residential, commercial and mega infrastructure projects. Amreli Steels Xtreme is an ace of modern construction and is ideal for high-rise constructions. It is based on the British Standard BS 4449 and offers up to 15% saving in material consumption for projects designed on this standard. Amreli Steels Ultima is our earthquake resistant rebar that complies with the American Standard ASTM 706 and is ideal for construction in high seismic activity areas.

What are the major accomplishments, and milestones achieved by the Amreli Steels so far?
I am extremely proud to say that Amreli Steels is a true brand of firsts not just in terms of manufacturing capability but also business practices. Amreli Steels has always been the market leader in terms of production capacity, growing from 60,000 metric tons/year in the 1990s to 600,000 metric tons/year today.
We successfully listed the company on the PSX in 2015 and raised the finance required to install our flagship integrated steel plant in Dhabeji. This plant brings the latest state of the art steel technology to Pakistan and manufactures rebars of unmatched quality in Pakistan. We also run SAP, a globally recognized ERP solution that enables better controls, visibility and decision making throughout the organization.
We have a strong focus on our human resources, work culture and being able to attract and retain the best people. We are currently the only steel company in Pakistan that is Platinum Level ACCA Approved Employer. Such initiatives have enabled us to put together a great team of professionals that have made Amreli Steels into the largest selling brand of steel bars in Pakistan.

Please shed some light on your CSR activities and how do you measure their impact on society?
Amreli Steels has always been committed to strengthening the economy and society through our actions as a responsible corporate citizen. We are constantly engaged with several organizations working in education, skill-development and healthcare sectors. We work with The Citizens Foundation to fund and run a campus near our Dhabeji plant to educate over 220 students per year. Moreover, we support vocational training institutes catering to females and males that can upskill an individual to substantially increase household income and increase our nation’s productivity. Recently, we have also granted our steel bars to strengthen the new Shaukat Khanum Hospital in Karachi. On a personal level, I am one of the founding members of The Hunar Foundation (THF) and Amreli Steels regularly supports their initiatives through sponsorships, co-promotions and scholarships.

Amreli Steels also leads the industry in environmental initiatives. We have installed more than 7 MW of solar power and hope to increase reliance on green energy moving forward. By reusing almost 400 million kilos of metal a year, we are one of Pakistan’s largest recyclers. At our factory, we are completely compliant to environmental laws and standards, recycle almost 100% of the water that we use and regularly execute plantation drives to help the environment around us.