The Executive Management talks
about building a 50 Year SOLID legacy

Chief Operating Officer (Strategy)
Mr. Hadi Akberali

May 2022

What are your organization’s goals for the current financial year as well as your future plans?
The key objectives of the company is to finish the year strongly despite the political uncertainty in our country and the global economic scenario. We had achieved industry record sales of ~369,000 metric tons and industry record revenue of PKR 39+ billion for steel rebars last year. Despite the several economic hiccups this year, we are still on track to break our own records again this year.

One of the biggest aims in the immediate future is to maximize our capacity utilization. We are also exploring the possibility of exporting our rebars because we know that our quality standards are second to none in the world. As a publicly listed company, all such initiatives will be announced as soon they are mature.

How do you promote and encourage diversity in the workplace?
Diversity is a great strength to any organization. Traditionally, we hired people with experience in our industry but this has changed drastically. Today, we see people from various educational and professional backgrounds joining Amreli Steels and bringing their rich experiences and capabilities to our team.
We are actively working towards building a better balance of gender diversity. Today, we have female representation in all departments, locations and offices across Pakistan. Our female staff at the management level has increased by 40% YOY in 2021 and currently our Internal Audit and SAP functions are headed by women.
Our HR Team is working constantly to introduce employee-focused policies and our marketing team is focused on uplifting our employer brand. We are also in the process of shifting our headquarters to the center of the city which will undoubtedly help us further in this direction.

What can you tell us about your current campaign? What were the objectives and have they been met?
The primary objective was to make the message “Amreli Steels turns 50” emotionally relatable for the general audiences. We have seen too many examples of communications where companies achieving similar landmarks just boast about themselves and their impact. These one-dimensional communications tend to emotionally devoid for the audience no matter how grandiose visuals they may contain. We wanted to showcase Amreli Steels’ legacy in a consumer-relevant way.

I believe our campaign has been a resounding success. We received 1 organic million+ views and more than 248 K organic engagements on our official Facebook post alone in less than 96 hours. Till date, the same post has amassed 24 million+ views, 9.6 million+ engagements, 160,000+ reactions and 19,000+ shares. We received recurring comments that people could not stop watching till the end despite its runtime of 5 minutes which is very heartening to hear.

Is there anything that you wish more people knew about Amreli Steels?
We truly believe in the tag of “Made in Pakistan” and hold ourselves accountable to ensure that it conforms to the highest international standards. We hope that, through our marketing efforts, people realize the importance of SOLID foundations in structures, the role that rebars play in strengthening them and learn to inquire about the quality of rebars used in buildings and houses.