Interior Decoration

Minimalist Décor

Some ideas about how even limited spaces can look spacious.

By Sophia Arslan Qadeer | May 2022

Minimalism is not just a randomly-sprung idea, it has come into existence with the collective thought of relevant intellectuals garnering deep research in concepts that outline modern interior design and aesthetics. “De-cluttering” and “dematerialization” are the impressions that go hand-in-hand with this vast notion of minimalism, articulating that “less is more”. However, one does occasionally feel like debating over what sort of space would precisely fit this concept in terms of interior décor: For instance, will it be pragmatic and visually appealing to empty a sprawling space or just drop a few simple items in it helter-skelter? The fact is, the interior of a big house might not sparkle in a minimalist setting while a cozy apartment’s interior would.
This piece explores how some key ideas in minimalist interior décor visually hoist a space in form and function, especially if they are practiced in a 1, 2, or 3 bedroom apartment.

Rising Trend in Pakistan’s High-Rise Developments
There is an over-abundance of multi-storey buildings in Pakistan, offering residential and commercial units. However, when it comes to apartments, they all practice the same old, redundant, conventional style of décor: heavily-furnished interiors with no or very little space for movement.

However, some emerging high-rise developments, particularly Lahore’s Air Avenue Apartments and Rawalpindi’s Bellevue Plaza, have now taken the initiative to find an antidote to this banality in form and aesthetics, noticeably introducing the concept of minimalistic, gracefully-furnished interiors in apartments. From here, this idea is likely to gain credence amongst all emerging high-rise buildings in Pakistan. In addition to lavishly-furnished and semi-furnished apartments, these popular multi-storey real estate ventures are now introducing the budding trend of minimalist decor in some units, instead of going all-out on overly-furnished interiors.

Following are some key minimalist interior ideas, which would give your apartment visual upraise, and boost the space with uniqueness and substance.

Dematerializing the Bedrooms
Bedrooms make the most essential space in any apartment. If your bedroom interiors present a soft, de-cluttered look, the entire apartment can be toned in tandem with that theme and colour palette. A very wholesome minimalistic decor for the bedrooms could include the use of elusive tones for the walls and upholstery: Plush couch seating in mild hues coupled with grained wooden flooring is a popular way of setting your bedroom around a minimalistic decor sequence. Cream white or subtle grey tones for the bed linen and cushions, with just a small stack of books on one of the side tables, and your room will speak for itself!

Mild Hues and Soft-Glam Terraces
When it comes to minimalism, there are a few musts that interior designers around the world practice. Since minimalism as a notion, or more appropriately, a movement, is all about divorcing yourself from the idea of being highly consumption-oriented, the colour scheme that usually goes with such a setting is tender, toned-down shades of browns, greys, and whites.

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