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Secularism is Dead!

India was once proud of its secularism, a mainstay of the Indian Congress Party. With the Party in a shambles, the BJP has made genocide of Muslims a basic political pillar.

By Ali Hassan Bangwar | May 2022

Though anti-Muslim rhetoric had existed in India for some time, and deepened under the Modi-led BJP’s political setup, the recent growing calls for ethnic cleansing of Muslims and violence against them are shocking. Experts and human rights organisations have alarming concerns on the impending genocide of Muslims in India.

Since genocide is not a step but a process, dehumanisation, hate speech and propaganda always precede it against the targeted ethnic minorities. The stage for Indian Muslim’ genocide is being prepared with the abetment of the country’s ruling leadership. This is manifested, apart from other instances, in extremists’ patronized activism and their repeated open calls of violence and massacre of ethnic minorities groups.

The extremists of right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party and its parent organisation Rashtriya Svayamsevek (RSS) vowed to go to any length in transforming secular India into a Hindu Rashtra. The RSS-BJP extremist factions have organised 12 events in 24 months in four Indian states calling for genocide of Muslims in particular and other minorities in general. Muslims of India are on the edge of extermination. Though it will take some time to annihilate the country’s 250 million people.

A three- day Hindu nationalists conference in Haridwar held in mid-December 2021 sounded the provocative anti-Muslim call. The speaker Swami Prabodhananda Giri called the right-wing activists to get ready to kill (Muslims) or get killed. In December last year, a saffron clad Hindu nationalist urged her followers to kill Muslims and protect India. “If 100 of us become soldiers and are prepared to kill 2 million (Muslims), then we will win ... protect India, and make it a Hindu nation,” Pooja Shakun Pandey, a senior member of right-wing Mahasabha, said.

The encroaching of the Indian political landscape by a firebrand and extremist leadership ascending to power through its anti-Muslim tirade substantiates the growing fears of Muslim genocide. Yogi Adityanath, the fire-breathing BJP monk, is leading UP, India’s largest state to war against Muslims. This isn’t new to him as he had already threatened of Muslim genocide. “If they kill even one Hindu, we will kill 100 (Muslims).”

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