May 2022

Lone Wolf

PTI’s Ali Muhammad Khan was the only parliamentarian who sat in the National Assembly and even made a speech after all his other colleagues left. This happened just after PTI lost the No Confidence Motion, when the Opposition came up with 174 votes. The PTI parliamentarian resigned en masse. What is Ali Muhammad Khan doing now?

Fashion Returning

Afghanistan once had a vibrant clothing culture. Now with her new label Laman, a young Afghan entrepreneur wants to bring back her country’s stylish reputation. Will the Tliban let her do it?

Wanted: New CEO

Air Marshal Arshad Malik has retired from PIA as its CEO and the airline is looking for a new chief. When Arshad Malik was serving PIA on deputation from the PAF, he retired from his parent body in July 2020 and was given a go-ahead by the federal cabinet to serve as Chief Executive Officer of the national flag carrier for the next three years. Under him PIA succeeded in coming out of its nose-dive.

Winning Trust

Mahira Khan has been appointed as an ambassador for British Asian Trust. If there is one Pakistani celebrity who attracts big-time charities, it is Mahira because she exudes confidence the way no other Pakistani does, except may be Imran Khan.