Food War

The Russia-Ukraine war has worsened the prevailing economic and food crisis in Afghanistan and around the world.

By Dr. Saira Asad | May 2022

Russia and Ukraine comprise approximately 30% of global wheat exports, which pass through the Black Sea. These waters are being shared by Romania, Georgia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine. Due to the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine, the export routes are severely affected by blockages. It is believed that a serious world food crisis will occur as a result of the Russia-Ukraine war.

A large portion of the world’s fertilizers is blocked in Russia and Belarus due to the war. Belarus is an independent country, bordered on the northwest by Latvia and Lithuania, on the north and east by Russia, on the south by Ukraine and on the west by Poland. Russia is at the top list of fertilizer exporters. Ukraine holds 5th position, being the largest wheat exporter and third largest corn exporter worldwide. Ukraine exports wheat mostly to the developing and lower-middle income countries of the Middle East, North Africa and South, and Southeast Asia. A huge amount of corn, wheat and barley is caught up between Ukraine and Russia. The war is expected to worsen the economic and food crisis around the world.

The ideological and political differences between the United States and the Soviet Union started to emerge in the 20th century. During the Cold War, Ukraine was a vital part of the Soviet Union and was considered its cornerstone. This was due to its agricultural production, defence industries and nuclear arsenal. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Ukraine emerged as an independent sovereign state. Tensions started in 2014 between Russia and Ukraine when a Kremlin-friendly Ukrainian leader was forced to be driven out from office. Before 2014, Ukraine had friendly and deep cultural and social ties with Russia. During that period, it was seen that the Russian government by force occupied the Crimean Peninsula through a separatist insurgency that caused the loss of about 14000 lives. In 2021, relations between the two countries appeared to further worsen and on February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine which approached the European Union and received positive support for sanctions on Russia.

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