The Pink Lady

Lasting Legacy

By Bisma Sheikh | April 2022

“As long as there is love and memory, there is no true loss”. This quote by Cassandra Clare, an American writer best describes the intention behind the book “The Pink Lady,” a book written by the family of Sabeen who battled hard against Covid-19 but eventually lost her life. Her legacy and memories remain forever through the cookbook written by her family as a tribute to her life of laughter and compassion for her family and friends and her love for food.

While everyone is praying for this Covid pandemic to be over, the aftereffect might stay for long. The pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for many, with everyone giving more time to family and reconnecting with loved ones, it also left a lasting impression on people with depression and anxiety because of isolation and lockdowns. The worst off are those who lost their loved ones to disease and now will be reeling from it for a long time, maybe forever.

This pandemic revealed numerous examples of ways in which people paid tributes to their loved ones. They have fond memories and are now paying tribute by collecting funds for those lost. Sabeen’s family decided to do something unique and produced “The Pink Lady,” a wonderful book not only in terms of the intention behind it but also because of its content. It has recipes that were close and special for Sabeen and her family. The book focuses on the life of Sabeen from her childhood through the lens of food and her journey in finding her love and passion for food. The chapters are divided into various phases. Sabeen goes through life and the food she discovered and loved in each phase.

She began her food journey with baking classes when she was still a teenager and fell in love with food. She met her husband at college. After some hiccups, they started their courtship as an engaged couple after finishing their education. Through every phase of life, her love for food and family grew. The recipes appear to be travelling through her baking classes to her courtship days with her fiancé, the wedding dishes, the quick fixes she learned in her early motherhood phase and more.

The book is a very simple yet intimate reflection of Sabeen’s personality, her life, and how she was so passionate in everything she ventured. After moving to the UK with family, she turned her passion for food into a reality. She started her entrepreneurial journey with a baking business idea. Her venture Pink Oven started with baked goods. Sabeen was a planner and in a very short time, she expanded her business from baked goods to a vast array of recipes. Her dishes are a great reflection of her Pakistani heritage, her travel adventures, innovation, and her love for trying new things.

The Pink Lady reflects the personality of Sabeen in every chapter. As you go through the book, you fall in love with the recipes as well as Sabeen and her family. The book includes a great personal touch such as key headings in her handwriting, which the family was able to preserve digitally. The book includes her pictures from every phase of her life and is a great reflection of the lively, compassionate and loving individual Sabeen was. She was equally loved by her family, friends, her cat and her customers. Her customers’ testimonials and condolence messages in the book show the effort and love she put into her Pink Oven where she treated each of her customers with love and respect and as an extended part of her family.

While Sabeen may be gone, she will live forever in the memories of her friends and family. With this book, her family has paid her the best tribute while some 30% of the profits from the sale of the book will go to various charities in the UK and Pakistan. While one falls in love with Sabeen and her family while perusing the Pink Lady, her legacy stays intact and so does her family’s love.