April 2022

SUV ‘March’

Asifa Bhutto got hit by a drone and Sherry Rahman missed being hit by a bridge when she was pulled down just in time on the truck she was travelling on in Bilawal Bhutto’s ‘long march’ on SUVs to Islamabad. Had Mao used SUVs in his day back in the 1940s, he would have covered much more distance but there were no SUVs then. Why didn’t Bilawal wear the Mao outfit, just as his grandpa did?

Just Platelets

Nawaz Sharif is the sort of political leader who does not seem to have much liking for jalsas or the long march or why wasn’t he in Pakistan when the going was good? He prefers gate No. 4 at the GHQ in ‘Pindi’. After all, was it a matter of mere platelets dropping dangerously or life in Kot Lakhpat jail? He must have remembered his days in Adiala jail.

Good Choice

Momina Duraid won a Sitara-e-Imtiaz at the President’s Pakistan Day investiture ceremony in Islamabad on March 23. She thus joined the ranks of smart young women like Mehwish Hayat who have received the award before. But at least Momina had a lot to show to justify the win. For instance, her Hamsafar set off Mahira Khan and a lot of other people in their careers.

So What!

There’s talk that Ahad Mir and Sajal Aly have separated. But they got married not very long ago. So what! You see Ahad going his own way when he appears in a pseudo-thriller for a soft drink. The commercial has the same screenplay and similar voice over as its earlier version. You also see Sajal doing TV commercials separately with other actors because her so-called ‘pretty’ looks carry her through.