March 2022

“Army has played a prominent role in the governance of Pakistan, partially or mainly because of poor governance by all of the so-called democratically elected governments.”
Pervez Musharraf,
former President of Pakistan.

“There is selective silence about human rights in Indian-occupied Kashmir where around nine million people are basically living in the worst conditions.”
Imran Khan, Prime
Minister of Pakistan

“Women across the world don’t have equal access to resources.”
Sheikh Hasin Wajed,
Prime Minister of Bangladesh

“Do not follow anyone, including your parents, sisters, brothers or your friends. Just be yourself and do whatever you want to do.”
Sachira Fernando,
Sri Lankan Entrepreneur

“Today, Urdu poets have lost mastery over the Ghazal on the ground of feelings.”
Khurshid Rizvi,
Pakistani Poet

“If you raise questions to the Establishment, you face strong repercussions.”
Shabana Azmi,
Indian actress and Social

“I am very excited for the PSL tournament. It’s one of the best tournaments right now.”
Johnson Charles,
West Indian Cricketer