Empyrean Realms

Holistic Viewpoint

By Muhammad Omar Iftikhar | March 2022

aimur Awan’s poetic prowess and a serene sense of rhyme are reflected in his poems. He is the author of two books – a collection of poems – Spiritual Balms and Empyrean Realms. His words explore his thoughts that transcend cultural barriers and unite the readers at the divine plain – where the essence of existence converges at the level of the highest thought and soul.

In Spiritual Balms, Awan explores love, life and death, human existence, eternity, nature and pays tribute to Anne Frank. When discussing love, Awan explains that the love we experience is far greater than life itself. It is something we cannot gauge emotionally. He writes, “There is a Love diviner than life,/That the throbbing heart cannot fathom.” Awan expresses his feelings vividly with such a lyrical sense that is both emotionally engaging and inquisitive. Symbolism, therefore, is evident in his poetry as he tries to question the impossible.

He writes in the poem, A Tribute to Anne Frank, “In her I perceived the signatures of heavenly life,/Yet she was consigned to the most dolorous of destinies.” In the poem, Awan looks at the endeavors of Anne Frank when she experienced the dark period of her life during the genocide. Reminiscing such tragic times need courage and narrating them with a poetic thought certainly needs the acumen and insights that Awan possesses.

In the book Empyrean Realms, Taimur Awan explores love and spiritual transcendence and themes of devotion and theology.

In the poem Apollo’s Balm included in Empyrean Realms, Awan writes, “Like the elevations of Heaven’s illuminated parliament,/Like silvery benedictions, Ceruleans of enchanting East,/Whose lovely liveries furnish brilliant pavilions of day,/With heavenly heraldries and gorgeous presidency,/Our low natures, emblazoned by Wisdom’s exalted dynasty,/These Cimmerian feelings are adorn’d with jewels.” Awan’s words and expression are not only elegant but symbolic and figurative as well.
In this particular poem, he explains that knowledge is a liberating authority. It has the power to brighten lives akin to how the sun’s rays irradiate the gloomiest of times. Interestingly, Awan uses historical context from Greek literature to connect his thoughts with symbolism. In this specific poetry, Ceruleans refers to the blue color of the sky while Cimmerian refers to the country where the people dwelled in permanent darkness. This is mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey.

Crafting poetry is indeed a task requiring patience. One needs to meticulously observe and calculate the specific rhyme and the context of each word and stanza. Using such references, as Awan uses in Apollo’s Balm, requires one to be well-versed in literature and history. Perhaps Awan’s quest for life, its meaning, and the purpose of our existence culminate in his poems.

In one poem included in Empyrean Realms, Awan writes a thought-provoking verse: “If faith is not an impregnable citadel,/ It does not even deserve to exist,/Built full, like a granite monument,/Built upon the fantasies and fables of years,” What a wonderful thought Awan shares. Our faith must be an indestructible castle that must be constructed to withstand all external pressure. He also adds that our faith is built on the fables and fantasies – the stories and the history that is shared through generations among all cultures and geographies. They create our beliefs and add value to our thought process.

It is indeed heartening to see Taimur Awan’s poems emerging from his thoughts into the form of books. Readers – especially those who acknowledge and appreciate such thoughts of divinity, spirituality, and religion – will extract learning, insights, and awareness that may not be disseminated with such impact had it been explained through prose.

Awan has produced a collection of poems that are emblematic but connect us with the truth as they compel readers to question life’s essence. Such questions, even if they seem metaphorical, provide us with a window to look into ourselves and comprehend the world from a holistic viewpoint.