December 2021

pervez-musharaf-new-22020‘The people of Pakistan deserve a committed, selfless leadership, which can help them realize their boundless potential’
–Pervez Musharraf,
former President of Pakistan.

‘I am not anti-West, I am PRO PAKISTAN.’
–Imran Khan, Prime
Minister of Pakistan

‘Afghanistan is moving towards a period of short-term turmoil.’
–Lt. Gen. (R) Naeem Khalid Lodhi

‘Pakistan is a visibly perturbed and divided nation. Its people are struggling to find an answer to the mother of all questions: what sort of a Pakistan do they want?’
–Ayesha Jalal, professor.

‘People are playing off a slightly outdated perception of Pakistan.’
– Christian Turner,
UK High Commissioner in Pakistan.

‘I’m interested in things women do that aren’t spoken about. Manto’s stories let me breathe. They make me feel like less of a monster.’
–Mohsin Hamid, writer.

‘How many diamonds can you retrieve from one single mine; there has to be an end somewhere. I don’t see any natural fast bowler after me.’
–Shoaib Akhtar,
former Pakistan’s fast bowler.