May 2021
‘Today, money laundering is the biggest curse in the country.’
- Imran Khan, Prime
Minister of Pakistan.
‘The Internet has played a major role in undermining public morality.’
- Mahathir Mohamed,
former prime minister of
‘Climate change is about all of us. ‘
- Ursula von der Leyen,
President, EU.
‘I am a believer in the evolution and development of human intellect aimed at establishing a just society.’
– Shabbar Zaidi,
former Chairman, Pakistan
Federal Board of Revenue.
‘All the research shows that investing in women is a good investment.’
– Cherie Blair,
wife of former UK prime
minister Tony Blair.
‘Overpower. Overtake. Overcome.’
– Serena Williams,
American tennis player.
‘My teaming with Amitabh taught me many practical aspects of life and the film world.’
– Rekha,
Indian actress