Readers’ Thoughts

March 2021

Joy Bangla!


Your articles highlighting the development of Bangladesh were pertinent.

With economic liberalization, far-sighted public policies and political continuity, the country has managed to rise up the ladder to 'Developing Country' leaving rather than just be a 'Least Developing Country'. This has proved many economists and politicians wrong as they thought that the country would be a paradigm of poverty.

Their growth path also has lessons for Pakistan and othr similar nations as to how a country can prosper with effective planning and long-term economic policies.

Gehna Monojit,
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Nice Publication

With regard to the SouthAsia issue for this month (March 2021) , on behalf of the Ambassador, we thank you for the nice publication.

Embassy of the Republic of Yemen,
Islamabad, Pakistan

Thoughtful Editorial

I saw hope in your editorial comment in the January 2021 issue, that Pakistan should maintain good relations with Bangladesh. Let bygones be bygones. The countries must unite and it will happen only on the basis of Islam.

Farrukh Jamal
Kansas, USA

Hasty Decisions


It is baffling to note that despite the constant surge in coronavirus cases around us, the government still wants to ease restrictions on indoor events. Given that the economic cost of this is immense for a poor country like Pakistan but the restrictions should be maintained in order to avoid large-scale damages from the pandemic.
The government should avoid making hasty decisions and losing the advantages gained from timely restrictions. We cannot afford a third Covid-19 wave. People must be told repeatedly that Covid-19 is still a health hazard for all and sundry.

Nida Zafar,
Islamabad, Pakistan

Arabic Classes

The Chinese language is gaining momentum in Pakistan. Prayer leaders in mosques should also spare around 30 minutes after Isha prayers to teach basic Arabic to the public in mosques.
This practice is followed in some mosques in North America.
In the 1950s, the late Mufti Mohammad Shafi of Darul Uloom in Karachi’s Nanak Wara held free Arabic classes. As a child, I attended these classes and they helped me learn basic Arabic.

Qasim Abbas,
Mississauga, Canada

Clean Bowled!


Cricket fans were excited when PSL-6 started as it allowed a certain number of spectators to enjoy the matches live. But with players testing positive one after another, the management decided to postpone the series till the players were in isolation. Well, that’s what the officials say. What we truly feel is that the series won’t start anytime soon. There will be a hiatus just like the one we faced when the pandemic hit the country. And if that happens, the enthusiasm of cricket lovers might die down. For now, it seems that PSL-6 has been clean bowled due to the negligence of the authorities who contaminated the environment.

Kamran Ahmed,
Karachi, Pakistan


Successful parenting is not about achieving perfection but it also does not mean that we shouldn’t work towards that goal. Set high standards for yourself first as you are the role models for children. But also invest time and effort in understanding the children’s psychology and learn productive methods to handle them without resorting to violence.
How many of us prefer to engage in meaningful conversations with our children and try to see life from their viewpoint so that we can understand their concerns and guide them skillfully? We should try to uproot our repressive approaches to parenting before aiming to educate the educators of our children at all levels.

Maryam Jameel,
Bonn, Germany