TV Serial

Raqeeb Se

Unabiding Love

By Muhammad Ali Khan | April 2021


One cannot talk about the drama serial ‘Raqeeb Se’ without first mentioning the writer Bee Gul and the director Kashif Nisar who brings Bee Gul’s poetic script to life. The writer-director duo has previously worked together on the award-winning serial ‘Darr Si Jati Hai Sila’. In collaboration with Hum TV, the two bring ‘Raqeeb Se’ and just like their previous venture, this one too is making headlines for all the right reasons.

The title of the show ‘Raqeeb Se’ is heavily inspired by a poem by Faiz Ahmed Faiz. The young poet, also known as Faiz, falls in love with a girl but unfortunately, she leaves the city only to return years later when Faiz is an Urdu literature pioneer. The encounter with his former love inspires Faiz to write a poem ‘Raqeeb Se’. The background story of the poem plays a crucial role in the serial and promises to be different from Bee Gul’s previously written dramatic works.

Set in the outskirts of Sialkot, the drama tells the story of two love birds who come face to face after 20 years in unusual circumstances. With an intriguing storyline, the story opens with Sakina (Hadiqa Kiani) and her daughter Ameera (Iqra Aziz) knocking at the door of Maqsood Sahib (Nouman Ijaz). Memories flash by when he sees Sakina, his former love, on the doorstep in a not-so-good situation as traces of domestic abuse are visible all over her. Seeing his past in front of him, he reconciles with his old pain.

Sakina requests him for shelter but he refuses to help her. However, his wife Hajra (Sania Saeed) seems much more sympathetic and lets Sakina stay at their home till things are figured out. The love story is so tragic that even Hajra and daughter Insha (Faryal Mehmood) become aware of it. Without a word, she takes Sakina and her daughter in. The scene is sudden and yet very subtle. The pace at which the story progresses is excellent. Maqsood Sahib is at a point when his past can easily overshadow his present. The question is, will Sakina stay out of his life or will she destroy what Maqsood and his wife Hajra have built over the years?

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