April 2021



She is a politician who has seen the ups and downs of her party, PML(N), quite closely over the years. Like most other politicians in Pakistan, Uzma Bukhari successfully participates in TV panel discussions and defends her party quite well but she is overshadowed by her leader (another woman) at jalsaas. It is not quite clear how would Uzma perform when it comes to delivering for the common PML(N) supporter.


Serious Learning


Even the American politician Ilhan Omar likes his singing. But the Indian Abhijeet has probably not left a lasting impression on Atif Aslam’s life. The singer’s compatriots are certainly not happy about it. It was probably Abhijeet’s open criticism that egged Atif on in his career and he really got down to learning the art of singing rather seriously. Thanks, Abhijeet!


Not Friendly

She tries to be different, even a baaghi, like when she did a black and white photo shoot recently. Saba Qamar has come a long way from her Hum Sub Umeed Se Hain days and done many memorable roles, both for television and films. But for some reason she hasn’t succeeded in creating the sort of media hype that many other actresses have. Is this because she is not so friendly with the media as others?


High Flier


Pakistan does not have a high profile ambassador in Washington but the country’s Permanent Representative at the UN is quite a high flier. He must be doing a good job as this is Munir Akram’s second stint at the UN. The country needs other ambassadors like Mr. Akram in key capitals of the world to sell Pakistan’s case on Kashmir.