Caring for the Mausoleum

There is an entire organization that looks after the upkeep of the Quaid e Azam’s Mazar in Karachi. However, gaps have been noticed in the way certain personnel are treated at the Mausoleum.

By J. Enver | April 2021


A grand mausoleum known as the Quaid e Azam’s Mazar was built in Karachi as a magnificent memorial to the person who is known as the Father of the Nation - Muhammad Ali Jinnah - who had single-handedly created Pakistan - a homeland for the Muslims of the sub-continent.

A management board known as the QMMB (Quaid e Azam Mazar Management Board) was constituted as an authority for the Mazar’s Protection and Maintenance under an Ordinance promulgated in1971. The independent management board has since then run the affairs of the QMMB.

The main charter of the Quaid-e-Azam Mazar Management Board calls for the upkeep and maintenance of the Quaid’s Mazar, which is spread over an area of 61 acres. The charter requires the beautification and landscaping of the main area (61 acres) and peripheral area (70 acres).

The charter also includes development, care and upkeep of the relic room which contains the relics of the father of the nation. Management of the ceremonial guards posted at the Mazar is also governed by the charter.

However, it has been observed that certain contract personnel posted at the Mazar by the QMMB are continually subjected to cruelty and exploitation. As a result, an urgent situation has developed as gross inhumanity, illegality and cruelty are being meted out to the contracted employees of the mausoleum.

In the words of one contracted employee, a security guard at the Mazar, “Hundreds of us scorch in a living hell for 12 hours every day at Rs.10, 000 per month. The sanitary staff gets Re.14, 000 pm for a 12 hour shift and the gardeners receive Rs.9, 000 for the morning shift.”


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