Aziz Memon becomes Vice President, English Speaking Union International

April 2021


Mr. Jonathan Callund from Chile has been elected President of ESU (English Speaking Union) International while Mr. Aziz Memon, from Pakistan has been elected the Union’s Vice President.

Mr. Aziz Memon is a successful Pakistani entrepreneur who specializes in textiles. He is recognized for making innovative value additions to textiles. He is also President of the English Speaking Union Pakistan

Prominent members of ESU Pakistan, including its current President Aziz Memon, have included Mr. Ahmed Jaffer, Gen. Atiq-ur-Rehman, Mr. Dinshaw Avari Sr., Mr. Kader A. Jaffer, Mr. Behram Avari, Mr. Shahid Hamid, Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Ali Masood Akram, Mr. Hussain Haroon and Mrs. Shahida Jameel.

The mission of the ESU is to promote international understanding and human achievement through the English language. As an independent, non-political body, it operates with the support of many distinguished public figures. It has played an important part in fostering cultural links between people of different nationalities and its corporate members support its activities through sponsorship of individual awards and events.

Mr. Aziz Memon is also the Chairman and Trustee of the Rotary Club of Pakistan and a member of the Rotary Board of Trustees. In fact, it has taken 92 years for a Pakistani to acquire a position on the Rotary Board of Trustees - an achievement that has been widely applauded.