A Counter Offensive

India has been continuously perpetrating fifth generation war techniques to achieve its objectives against Pakistan.

By Amna Nisar Abbasi | April 2021


In today’s world, the media has emerged as the most powerful tool in manipulating public opinion and changing attitudes by spreading false propaganda and disinformation against adversaries. From the ancient times, wars have been waged by nations by adopting different techniques. Today, it is a world of fifth generation war which is spreading like wildfire. Pakistan and India are considered some of the most troubled neighbours in the world. India has been continuously perpetrating fifth generation war techniques to achieve its objectives against Pakistan.

An independent Brussels-based disinformation watchdog, the EU Disinfo-Lab has recently revealed a web of deception that promotes pro-Indian mischief aimed at generating false information through more than 10 fake NGOs, 750 fake media outlets, 550 website domain names in 162 countries and mainly three groups - the South Asia Peace Forum, the Baloch Forum and Friends of Gilgit-Baltistan. The purpose is to promote the geopolitical interests of India to influence the United Nations and the European Union and defame Pakistan.

Questionable news portals in this regard include Times of Portugal, Times of Geneva, Times of North Korea, Times of Los Angeles, EP Today, New Delhi Times and New York Journal American. Most of the websites linked with fake media portals were reported to have Twitter accounts as well. The EU Disinfo-Lab investigation goes back to October 2019 when it was found that EP Today had been re-publishing a large amount of content related to the minorities of Pakistan directly from Voice of America and Russia Today. The study further found how the network of media outlets, NGOs and organizations, had already set the details with EU parliamentarians. They mostly belonged to right wing political parties and visited the valley of Kashmir in October 2020.

After the report was published, the pressure built on the members of the board of South Asia Democratic Forum (SADF) which was formed in the garb of business and democracy but was extensively used for fifth generation war. It was created by the Srivastava Group in 2011 when news outlets were extensively managed by the Indian stakeholders. The Srivastava Group is thought to be at the heart of the obscure media networks.

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Amna Nisar Abbasi

The writer is an M.Sc. in Defence and Strategic Studies from the Quaid e Azam University, and is working as a research officer at the Institute of Regional Studies in Islamabad. She can be reached at

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