TV Serial


Lust for Money

By Muhammad Ali Khan | March 2021


Pakistani television is booming. The directors and scriptwriters are talented and the stories entertaining. The actors endeavour to give their best though they have had no training and the ritual of rehearsals is just that – a ritual. Recently, the intriguing journey of the serial Fitrat came to an end. Directed by Asad Jabbal and produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi of 7th Sky Entertainment, ‘Fitrat’ was written by Nuzhat Saman. When the serial started, its storyline and cast created a lot of hype. It later became a household name, leading TRP charts and being praised all around. Though the story was not new, the way it was narrated was definitely worth watching.

The plot revolved around a young and materialistic girl Fariya (Saboor Aly) who hailed from a middle-class background but aspired to fulfill her dreams and wishes no matter how. She took shortcuts without knowing what was good for her and what was bad. Her lust for money made her a gold digger who doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings and emotions.

The reason Fariya was like this was because her mother Sadia (Ayesha Gul) happened to have the same nature whereas her sister Rafiya (Zubab Rana) and brother Haris (Raeed Muhammad Alam) believed in hard work, simplicity and honesty. They both had opposite personalities as compared to their sister and mother and that is probably why the two climbed the ladder of success by appyling their energies to their education and hard work.

In her lust for money, Fariya starts attracting a rich businessman Shahbaz (Ali Abbas) and the two ended up getting secretly married. If money was all she needed, she could have stopped. But her hunger to have as much money as possible ruined her. Though Shahbaz loved Fariya, she was not loyal to him. Because it was a secret marriage, Shahbaz used to live in Karachi and Fariya in Islamabad. Shahbaz’s friend got to know about Fariya having an intimate relationship with a politician Rashid. He called Shahbaz to tell him. Shahbaz went to Islamabad and saw them in the bedroom; Fariya was entertaining Rashid. He divorced her and left Islamabad. In the meanwhile, her mother married Khalid (Kamran Jilani), the love of her life.

Later, Shahbaz’s younger brother Arbaaz (Mirza Zain Baig) appeared. He had a secret love interest in Fariya’s sister Rafia. But when Fariya saw that Arbaaz belonged to a rich family, she decided to trap him. Soon Arbaaz was head over heels in love with her while she plotted many vicious acts to hide the secret from Shahbaz. Shahbaz met her at their wedding reception and was baffled.

The situation got nasty when both Fariya and Shahbaz started living in the same house but with a different relationship, making the life of both the brothers hell. Soon reality surfaced and Arbaaz too divorced Fariya. Even then she did not stop and started having an affair with the son of a famous and rich businessman. She also got involved in criminal activities that later resulted in her death. While the ending was a happy one for Rafia, Arbaaz, Haris, Shahbaz and their family, Fariya and Khalid got what they deserved.

What made ‘Fitrat’ a hit was essentially its dynamic cast - Saboor Aly, Ali Abbas, Mirza Zain Baig, Zubab Rana, Sabiha Hashmi, Seemi Pasha, Saif-e-Hassan, Fazila Qazi, Farhan Ali Agha, Adila Khan, Aisha Gul, Kamran Jilani and Mariyam Nafees. Saboor Aly was seen in a completely different avatar as compared to her previous roles that only portrayed her as a sad heroine crying all the time. Ali Abbas’s energy was overall low in the serial. He didn’t appear to be the hero. Other than him, Mirza Zain Baig did a fantastic job, depicting a young brother, a lover and finally a fiancé.

‘Fitrat’ had a beautiful soundtrack - ‘O Zalim’ by Sahir Ali Bagga and Aima Baig. It was composed by Bagga as well. The song had thought-provoking lyrics written by Muhammad Mujtaba and a catchy beat. While everything was spot on, the serial should have also focused on Bilal’s punishment for what he did.

Overall, the serial had an interesting ending with commendable performances and an old premise expressed and delivered in a unique way. From the OST (original sound track) to the acting performances, ‘Fitrat’ was well worth it.