U. S. Elections

Breaking Barriers

The Muslim community in the U.S. featured prominently in the 2020 general elections.

By Rafi Khan | March 2021


There is something about the Muslims… divided, disunited, dispersed, distressed, dislocated, disenfranchised; yet somehow unified, united: not always because of their own efforts; since a number of Muslim countries or their governments can’t see eye to eye, with each other, to say the least. Take the relations between Saudi Arabia and Yemen or Turkey, or Pakistan and Afghanistan. Not exactly friendly, are they?

There is a cliché that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”; but at least in a few instances here, it may not be the case, and it would be, for whatever reasons, “my friend is friendlier with my enemy than my friend is with me”.

Muslims are often identified or put under one umbrella by those who are not necessarily knowledgeable about it, or fond of; yet they feel threatened by them.

Take former President Donald Trump’s ban on people from many Muslim-majority countries entering the USA.

Or, if there is an act of terror by a non-Muslim, his/her first revealed identity would not be his/her religion. One often hears of a Muslim terrorist; but when was the last time one heard of a Christian terrorist. Timothy McVeigh, the infamous Oklahoma bomber, was called a domestic terrorist in America. The bombing remains the deadliest act of domestic terrorism in U.S. history.

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