February 2021

Trump is Stubborn


Donald Trump is the only President in American history to be impeached twice. He was accused of inciting an insurrection. As president, he tried to cling to power by overturning an election that he had unambiguously lost. He spread a big lie to convince his voters that the election was stolen from them. Having failed to force state officials to override the vote, he whipped up a violent mob and sent it to intimidate Congress into giving him what he wanted. His supporters ransacked the Capitol and threatened to hang the vice president, Mr Trump looked on, ignoring lawmakers’ pleas for him to come to their aid.


Rescuing Animals


Ayesha Churdrigar’s Foundation (ACF) has done excellent work for animal rescue since 2014. A lot of the work carried out by Ayesha and her team came into the mainstream media, particularly during the Karachi rains, and created ripples on social media. Her Instagram account and the ACF Facebook page were used to create awareness about helping animals at ACF’s sanctuary and the pet stores of Empress Market in Karachi. Her followers and account also created vibes about animal abuse at zoos located across Pakistan.


Loving Grandma


Maryam Nawaz is considered as an important figure in the PML (N) after Nawaz Sharif. Despite her youthful looks, Maryam is also a grandmother – a Nani (maternal grandmother). She was spotted some time back shopping for toys for her granddaughter. She was also seen in a video in which she was interacting with her granddaughter Serena via facetime. Those who think Maryam is the hard-nosed politician she appears to be, must also remember that she is a grandmother with a heart of gold.


A Tight Slap


Mufti Abdul Qavi made a buzz when his association with the late Qandeel Baloch was revealed. He is back in the news after getting a resounding slap from Hareem Shah, the TikTok girl. She and a friend were, reportedly, together with Mufti Sahib in a room. Mufti Muneeb said something unbecoming to her and in return got a tight slap. Mufti Qavi and Hareem Shah are known to have made TikTok videos together.