India’s Shame

Jawaid IqbalDisinformation, falsehood, propaganda. These three words can better describe today’s India, which is perfecting its talons as a global perpetrator of hybrid war. Since the split of British India into India and Pakistan in 1947, India has had an unequivocal raison d’être, which is exclusively confined to defame, destabilize and disintegrate Pakistan. Having deployed its entire state machinery to achieve its sinister objectives, which is more than a part of its dharma, the track record of India’s intrinsic animosity with its neighbour corroborates the fact, time and again. Just recently, for instance, the international media was abuzz with a jaw-dropping report released by the EU Disinfo Lab, a non-government European organization. In its eye-opening report, the EU Disinfo Lab unearthed a network of hundreds of fake media outlets and phony news organizations that have been operating in the European Union and United Nations bodies to push a pro-India agenda, which is all about discrediting and maligning Pakistan on international fora. Though the EU Disinfo Lab news had nothing new in it for Pakistan, however, it at least served as a latest reminder to the rest of the world about the staggering scale of anti-Pakistan propaganda being run by India on purpose. Then, another report carried by India’s ANI and other mainstream news outlets claiming that Pakistani diplomat Zafar Hilaly had admitted to 300 deaths in the 2019 Balakot airstrike, turned out to be totally fake and a piece of doctored news in the end.


Adding insult to injury, Mumbai Police in India recently obtained the transcript of more than a 1,000-page long conversation between Arnab Goswami, India’s firebrand anchor at Republic TV, and Pratho Dasgupta, the CEO of a TV ratings company. As per the WhatsApp conservation between the two, both seemed to have advance knowledge of the Indian strike on Balakot in February 2019 and were informing each other about “something major” as well as “bigger than normal strike” vis-à-vis Pakistan, almost three days before the actual attempt was made and received a befitting response from the Pakistan Air Force within hours. A farce from the beginning, the entire drama of the surgical strike was pre-scripted and staged by the Indian army, in cahoots with the Indian media, to help PM Narendra Modi in his re-election.

The breakup of Pakistan in 1971 could not have been possible without Indian intervention. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, some time back, publicly admitted India’s direct role in the separation of East Pakistan in 1971. If there is a proxy war raging between the two neighbours, it is this hybrid version – and India seems to be at an advantage. India is working to destabilize Balochistan by sponsoring terrorism there and is using Afghan soil for the purpose. This is a matter of shame for India – the so-called world’s largest democracy.

Syed Jawaid Iqbal
President & Editor in Chief