Readers’ Thoughts

February 2021



This is related to last month’s cover story on the US elections that elected Joe Biden as the new President of the United States. The cover story is titled ‘Biden or Forbidden?' The recent US elections have shown the world what the power of democracy is, yet the question remains. What difference will the Biden-Harris administration make to the world? Will it change the global American policy? Will they take a position on J&K and CAA, reflecting a massive change in South Asia? Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are certainly in for challenges.

Abdul Jaffer,
Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir.

Not True Leaders

As if Maryam Nawaz was not enough, Pakistani politics has launched another political non-entity – Asifa Bhutto. Why don’t their parties and their sponsors understand that merely having a big political name doesn’t count anymore and the days of dynastic politics are over? Maryam can claim to use the name ’Nawaz’ because she is the wife of a man called Safdar. Similarly, Asifa is not a Bhutto because she is the daughter of Asif Zardari. Both have never been in practical politics or been among the masses. They don’t know how common Pakistani lives. Their sycophants will lift them to the top but they will never be true leaders.

Rasul Khan,
Peshawar, Pakistan.

Hard Work


This is with reference to the article ‘Making a Difference’ written by Rafi Khan about a mosque located in Kansas in the US. The article highlights how Masjid-e-Maryam came into being.

It was indeed commendable of Professor Syed Eqbal Hasan and his wife Farrukh Jamal to think about their fellow Muslims. What follows is the outcome of their hard work, dedication, dream and faith that led to the establishment of Masjid-e-Maryam. The mosque has definitely made a difference to the lives of those Muslims living in the vicinity and many living in far-off areas.

Taha Malik,
Kansas, U.S.A.

No Foreign Stuff

There is quite a body of critics in Pakistan who do not want foreign entertainment to make it to Pakistani TV screens. They have not welcomed the Turkish serials with open arms. The point is that if these serials are getting popularity in Pakistan, it is because they provide a good level of entertainment – something that the Pakistani public wants. If the critics don’t like it, they should better level up their own game. If they lack in capability, why should the audience suffer?

Naushaba Rizvi,
Karachi, Pakistan

Social Media Impact


This is with reference to the article ‘Plague of Loneliness’ by Gulnaz Nawaz about the excessive time people spend on social media rather than interacting with their closed ones. Technology has played a vital role in fast-track communication in the 21st century. While it has certainly proven to be beneficial in many ways, it has also brought along with its consequences that threaten the very fabric of values our society is based on. We must address this. Healthy debate at home and in offices could educate people in a manner that is both friendly and convenient for everyone. The responsibility lies on us.

Sara Rehman,
Mumbai, India.

Creating Hope

Your tribute to the writer Irfan Hussain in January issue was very much in order. It is a pity that a whole generation of such good writers is fast disappearing. Irfan Hussain was one of a kind. He wrote fearlessly but had to assume a pen-name so long as he was in government service. The legacy Irfan Hussain has left behind is invaluable. Let’s hope some people in the younger generation will be inspired by this man’s dedication and will create some hope for the nation.

Asim Khan,
Lahore, Pakistan