A Wing and a Prayer

The Pakistan Prime Minister follows his own gut-feeling and that of his
soulmate to save the country from confirmed scoundrels and convicts.

By S.R.H. Hashmi | December 2020

While addressing the Azadi Parade in Gilgit recently, Imran Khan said that he will now concentrate on the rule of law as, during the last two years, his entire focus had been on putting Pakistan’s economy in the right direction. He further declared his resolve to oversee state institutions himself to ensure that powerful convicts trying to blackmail the government were made to face the law.

However, despite his promise to punish those involved in wheat and sugar scams - including some of his associates - the PM seems to have allowed the issue to die a slow death. Also, we just heard of NAB’s interest in PTI’s role regarding the Roosevelt Hotel; the Party’s foreign funding case is also there.

Fighting a full-fledged war with the PDM will further distract PTI from its much-neglected task of poverty alleviation and price-control of essential items. Remember, in his third year, Imran Khan has announced his intention to find out the causes of galloping inflation. Despite his supposedly 22-years struggle, followed by over two years in government, the PM seems to be a complete stranger to the system and finds comfort only in the company of his so-called Tigers.

The PM wants the Tigers Force’s role in the price control campaign for which it lacks specialist knowledge, experience, powers and authority to take remedial actions at various stages, such as bringing the produce from its points of growth/manufacture/import to the retail outlets. With the necessary government infrastructure already available to exercise control over various stages and also to prevent hoarding and smuggling, what is needed more is to activate and reinforce the system and to ensure timely decisions and prompt implementation.

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