Readers’ Thoughts

December 2020

Territorial Dispute


This is related to last month’s cover story on the worsening relationship between two world powers, China and India, over the disputed region of Ladakh. The cover story was titled ‘Face-off in Ladakh’. One of the writers, Zhang Jiadong, a professor at Fudan University in Shanghai, in one of his articles has also said that the nuclear deterrence relationship between China and India is stable and effective. However, retired Indian Lieutenant General Prakash Katoch is of the view that China has been eyeing Ladakh since the era of Mao Zhedong. Perhaps that is why Xi Jinping has been planning and preparing for a long time for what’s happening in Ladakh.

Abdul Jaffer,
Muzaffarabad, Kashmir.

Very Informative

Recently, I received SouthAsia magazine and I found the analysis of economic and social sectors very informative and a great source of knowledge. The information about the political situation and other current world affairs, especially about South Asia, was balanced and comprehensive.

Ghufran Memon,
Ministry of National Food Security and Research,
Islamabad, Pakistan.

HUM Controversy


This is with reference to your article ‘HUM Predicament’ by Taha Kehar. The main players in the dispute are Sultana Siddiqui and her brother Jahangir Siddiqui. The disagreement arose from the nature of the complex financial arrangements that Hum Networks has with MD Productions, the main production company from which it buys its content. Hum Networks’ business model relies on that relationship. But it was perceived that the shareholders may incur reduced profit margins. Later Jahangir Siddiqui raised questions on Sultana Siddiqui’s and Momina’s buying a property in the U.S. It is still unclear as to who will take over HUMNL as Jahangir Siddiqui has refused to have any involvement in this. Yet one thing is certain - HUM is Sultana’s baby.

Amna Shahid,
Doha, Qatar.

Rape Culture

Rape Rampage’ written by Wajahat Ali Malik about rape cases was an interesting read. In Pakistan, rape cases are increasing despite efforts by the government and NGOs to control them. Do we ever wonder how perpetrators dare to commit such heinous crimes? We often hear that men cannot be expected to control their baser impulses in the presence of women. I have no idea how this is justified. How come a crime like rape, having a 25-year prison sentence or even the death penalty in Pakistan,, is being so poorly handled by the authorities?

Sama Mohsin,
Sharjah, UAE.

US Elections


The recent US elections have shown the world what the power of democracy is. The nail-biting elections ended with a victory for Joe Biden. These elections should motivate Pakistanis to strengthen their democracy. A major problem in Pakistan’s politics is the concentration of power in the hands of some elite.

Certain political families in every part of the country have been ruling the country for decades now. Only a politician who has a strong political background can break this chain and ensure that the country sees true democracy, like they do in America.

Brian Lord,
New York, USA.

Price Hike

With time, prices have been increasing in Pakistan and there is no stopping. It seems the market mafia has completely overcome the price control committees. My humble request to the Prime Minister is to mobilize the local administration because the situation is becoming unbearable.

Muhammad Haider,
Sahiwal, Pakistan.