December 2020

Mission Possible


The 27th President of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Sardar Masood Khan says that there is a need to start a people-centered policy on Kashmir which should approach people directly all over the world. Writing for ‘Narratives’, a Pakistani magazine, he says there is a need to appear on the right forums so that the Kashmir movement can morph into an international civil society movement because that would turn the ‘impossible’ into ‘possible.’


Not Unique


“The pace of law enforcement is always going to match the pace of the threat”, says Zainab Ahmad, who is a prosecutor with the United States Department of Justice. “I’m not unique,” she says. “It’s in keeping with broader values and patriotism of the American-Muslim community.” Zainab was born in New York City but her family migrated from Pakistan. She specializes in investigating and prosecuting terrorism and has served as an Assistant United States Attorney of the Eastern District of New York where she has prosecuted several high-profile cases. She grew up in Nassau County, Long Island, with her father and stepmother but also spends time living with her mother in Manhattan and often travels to Pakistan and England.


End of Line


It looks like the Bhutto name in Pakistan’s politics will cease to exist after this generation. From what is evident, Bilawal Bhutto is not making much headway as a politician and none of his other siblings, namely Bakhtawar and Asifa, have so far revealed any political talents. Considering that Murtaza Bhutto’s son, Zulfikar Jr. is also not inclined towards a career in politics, the only person left is Fatima Bhutto and it is said that she too is not interested in entering politics.


Limited Career


Jawad Ahmad is a singer of some merit. He may have dabbled in many other areas, such as forming a political party or supporting various social causes, but he will always be recognized as a singer. It is interesting though that even in that role, he hasn’t done much and the list of his songs is still quite limited. Now he has tested positive for Corona virus and this may become another factor in limiting his career.