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Among the many victims of Covid-19 are the Walking Tours of Bangalore. This is only
a tip of the iceberg as every city in South Asia offers a unique experience of discovery
but is not open to tourists because of coronavirus SOPs.

By Shazman Shariff | October 2020
A view of the Flower Market of Bengaluru in the state of Karnataka in India.
It is considered to be one of the biggest flower markets in Asia.

Bangalore (rechristened Bengaluru), the IT hub of India, also wears the dazzling crown of being a tourists hotspot as it is dotted with numerous heritage sites, embalmed in fascinating tales of glory and grandeur. With towering temples and breathtakingly beautiful parks, the garden city of India is the ultimate tourist delight as it offers both divinity and diversity, peppered with cultural fervour.

However, the on-going Covid-19 pandemic has cast a gloomy spell on this otherwise happening city and tour guides have their fingers crossed, as they anxiously wait to resume jaywalking accompanied by a group of eager tourists. Unlock 4.0, the state government’s fourth stage of the step-by-step reopening of the various businesses across the state. Life is limping back to normalcy, but the danger is far from over as Bangalore continues to register an upsurge in Covid-19 cases.

Talking about how he has been keenly following the trajectory of the virus across the state, Mansoor Ali, founder of BengalurubyFoot, is apprehensive about resuming his famous heritage and food walks in and around the city, at least for another four months. He is an architect by profession with a deep passion for history and archaeology.

He is waiting for the reopening of historical areas, business hubs and old architectural marvels as many are still shut after being declared contaminated zones. “Old establishments and open markets are major attractions as they offer the real charm of the city, once nicknamed the Pensioners’ Paradise,” says Mansoor. He narrates how the situation has changed completely; locals who earlier greeted foreigners with a warm namaste, now expeditiously drive them away, particularly those who look like the Chinese.

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