Effective Management

By Muhammad Omar Iftikhar | October 2020

“Learning and development is not a time-bound activity. Nor is it fettered within the wrinkles of ageing. It is an activity to be indulged upon for acquisition till the end of this temporal life,” writes Mr. Sirajuddin Aziz in the chapter, ‘Talent Management’ in his book, ‘The Art & Craft of Management.’ When it comes to leadership in Pakistan, Mr. Aziz needs no introduction. He is an experienced banker and is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer-Global Financial Institutions at Habib Bank AG Zurich.

It is fitting to see that Mr. Sirajuddin Aziz, a qualified professional with vast experience of serving in major organizations under his belt, publishes a book that is an anthology of articles based on management and leadership. He wrote these articles during the last two years. Dr. Shamshad Akhtar, former Governor, State Bank of Pakistan, in the foreword rightly says, “The book offers Mr. Aziz’s views and thoughts on virtually all critical areas and subjects of management, ranging from leadership, personal and professional development, the ever-elusive ‘work-life balance’ to challenging aspects of people management. Most impressive is how he has captured his own knowledge, experience and hands-on dealings with different staff.”

The Art & Craft of Management comprises four chapters: Management Dynamics and Leadership, Human Resource Management, Personal Development, and Manager’s Tool Box. These chapters and the articles are a beneficial read for the human resource of an organization. The management and top executives can identify leadership traits that they can follow for effective management and decision-making. Middle managers can understand how to grow as professionals while fresh graduates can acquire important guidance on how to step up on the ladder of success while developing their personality.

Mr. Aziz’s words and sentences are simple yet effective. Throughout his articles, he maintains a storytelling approach that vividly illustrates his ideas and opinions. Each article and essay is more like a world of its own. Mr. Aziz describes the key qualities for effective management and the rules for professional success in a style that is certainly gripping, enthralling and riveting. The topics he touches upon include responsibility, focus, handling missed promotions, the importance of career or character, managing new talent, self-discipline, self-confidence, gratitude, managing meetings, prioritizing personal life, etc.

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