TV Serial


When Social Media Rules

By Muhammad Ali Khan | October 2020

HUM TV’s ‘Dilruba’, produced by Momina Duraid under the banner of MD Productions, came to an end with a twist. The serial was an interesting watch as it related to the current society. Directed by Ali Hasan and written by Qaisra Hayat, the serial showed Hania Amir as an internet celebrity who is popular on TikTok. The story also includes Shehroz Sabzwari, Syed Jibran, Mohib Mirza, Asad Siddiqui, Ghana Ali and Marina Khan in supporting roles.

Hania Aamir is the central character. She is Sanam, an attractive and a very outgoing person. Sanam is sharp as she uses her beauty to flirt with boys, making each one of them feel he is her only lover when, in fact, none of them is. She uses her cleverness in cheating boys after using them for her own purposes. Her list of lovers seems like a never-ending trail as she leaves her mark wherever she goes.

The story revolves around the life of Sanam, showing how her non-serious attitude of flirting leads to disastrous consequences. The drama reflects the new trend of TikTok that most youngsters are crazy about. Sanam, like any other youngster, wants to be a sensation on the platform but her dreams are often douzed by her family. Though she manages to get away from family influence by using various tactics, her mother Marina Khan is highly against her daughter’s way of life.

Sanam’s life changes when she starts having three affairs at the same time but, according to her, she skilfully manages to talk to all of them. Her frankness in admitting to her friends that she is playing around with three guys may have a negative impact on youngsters.

Breaking hearts, Sanam marries her cousin Razi (played by Nabeel Zuberi), who dies in a car accident when he comes across Sanam’s reality. Her family then re-marries her to a rich man Khurram (played by Syed Jibran) who turns out to be a disloyal man. Sanam, on finding that, divorces him and meets another man Farhaad (played by Raeed Muhammad Alam) who turns out to be a fraud.

She then returns to her parent’s house but her brother stops her from entering the premises. She then starts living with her phuppo. Soon she realises that she has made a mess of her life and asks forgiveness from Allah.

Hania Aamir shows her range as an actress in the serial. Her performance as a care-free girl who just wants to live her life fully goes well with the viewers. Her charm of making boys fall for her is perfect as she uses it to get whatever she wants. Be it getting a new phone, a new dress or a photograph at her friend’s wedding, she manages to use her magic every time successfully. Marina Khan as the mother delivers a first-rate performance and it is not surprising that she explodes at her daughter one day for bringing shame to the family. Durre Afshan as the elder sister, plays the calm sibling who impresses everyone.

Among Sanam’s lovers, Asad Siddiqui as Ayaz justifies his role as the photographer who falls for her at first sight. Shehroz Sabzwari as Junaid, a fabric shop owner, plays the role of a mad lover who loses everything for the sake of getting back Sanam’s love, which he doesn’t as she is only playing with him. Comes Mohib Mirza who plays his age and is a relative of Sanam. He does his part most convincingly.

The serial received mixed response, particularly on its ending and the story could have done more justice with the characters of the veteran actors. The young lot can learn learn from the story that they must get a grip on how much they can use social media platforms and not let these dominate their lives.