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Cynthia Ritchie Clarifies

October 2020

As a regular reader and contributor to SouthAsia magazine I have often appreciated the various opinions and well-researched articles - including those diametrically opposed to my own opinions and research.

However, one particular article’s factual errors need to be clarified. The unidentified writer’s approach in ‘The Loud American’ is contorted. The writer almost seems as if he is trying to make a case for my deportation, and cloud my character, as some in PPP seem so keen to do.

The writer wrongly stated I ‘approached [former Interior Minister] Chauhdry Nisar.’ In actuality I’ve never met Nisar Sb. I’d heard about his famous hair, but that’s the limit of my knowledge.

More importantly, the unnamed writer claims (as have many) that I insulted former Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto. To be clear: I never insulted BB. Pakistanis (South Asians) are a highly emotional people, and were very quick to react to an intentionally misinterpreted tweet. Pakistan, I love you, I do. But your own emotions are often used against you by those who would do you harm; this includes those who love to throw up a smokescreen to distract from ground realities. Zardari and his sidekick, an ex-minister, are very well known for this. So in this instance, try to set your emotions aside, and ask yourselves: Who would benefit most from this smokescreen?

My (now unfortunatley infamous) tweet stated: “this echoes stories [that I’d been told] that BB ordered her guards to rape the women” she caught cheating with her husband (Asif Zardari). I’d even issued a clarifying tweet the following day. Both are still on my twitter timeline, and I stand by my statements. I’d admired BB as Pakistan’s first female Prime Minister - and I often referred to her as an example when I spoke in defence of Pakistan while in USA and other western countries - especially those countries who lacked a female Prime Minister / Head of State.

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